Tonsillectomy is a common procedure that several patients around the globe undergo almost every year. Even after equipping themselves with the knowledge about the possible risks that can occur during the procedure, several patients still oscillate between the decision of opting or not opting for tonsil removal surgery. 


This blog can guide you into making the appropriate decision of removing the tonsils as it discusses the pros and cons of tonsil removal surgery and gives a brief account of the surgery. 

5 Advantages of Removing Tonsils 

  1. Reduced Risk of Infections

    There is an episode of tonsillitis when there is a viral or bacterial attack in the throat. Once the infection spreads to the tonsils, these inflame resulting in various symptoms. Thus, if the tonsils are removed completely, the chances of infection developing reduces to almost zero. The person may still be at the risk of colds and flu, but these will cure fast as there are no chances of the infection being chronic.

  2. Lesser Dependency on Medicines

    Taking medicines once in a while to curb the infection in the tonsils is considered to be safe. Although antibiotics can kill the infections effectively, the user sometimes has to face side effects such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hair fall, etc. Moreover, experts claim that prolonged use of these medicines can result in bacterial resistance to infection-fighting medicines.

    Additionally, over time, these antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria along with the harmful ones. Hence, individuals suffering from repeated episodes of tonsillitis or chronic tonsillitis should consider a tonsillectomy to reduce their dependency on these antibiotics.

  3. Better Sleep

    Sometimes the tonsils become so large that they obstruct the air passage of the individual resulting in another condition- sleep apnea. The obstructive sleep apnea makes the patient gasp for breath while a person asleep and air doesn’t pass through the nasal airways.

    Eventually, the person also has to face a disturbed sleep pattern. In turn, he or she feels tired and unproductive throughout the day. This impacts their regular mood too. Hence, undergoing a tonsillectomy may help them get rid of this problem permanently and help them sleep better.

  4. Lesser Chances of Skipping Work or School

    People suffering from tonsillitis of any type have to skip work or school repeatedly. The reason being that tonsillitis is contagious in nature and stepping outside the home can only increase the likelihood of a healthy person getting infected. Also, the symptoms of tonsillitis- fever, bad breath, throat pain, fatigue causes extreme discomfort to the patient. Hence, people tend to be absent from school or work. Once the tonsils are taken out, the person does not have to skip their job or school and enjoy all types of social gatherings.

  5. Enhanced Life

    Tonsillitis is a painful condition. This ailment can curb the personal growth of a person and prevent the patient from enjoying life completely. They have to be extremely cautious about their food habits or their lifestyle so that they can minimize the risk of any infection. Also, they have to miss out on various social gatherings in fear of infecting others. Therefore, patients should consider tonsil removal surgery so that they don’t miss out on the fun. 

Disadvantages of Removing Tonsils 

  • Impact on Immunity

It is a continuous concern for several parents that taking out the tonsils surgically may have an immunological impact on their children’s health. The same has been studied by various experts around the globe trying to establish any connection between tonsillectomy and effect on immunity. 


Evidently, there are several research studies that have come up to the conclusion that there is a negative impact of tonsillectomy on children’s immunity. They claim that the immune system is under development in children and hence, undergoing a tonsillectomy can increase the relative risk of respiratory diseases to triple fold. A child who undergoes a tonsil removal surgery is more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, upper respiratory tract diseases and conjunctivitis in their later stages of life.


Similarly, the patients undergoing tonsillectomy also experience a decrease in the Humoral and cellular immunity that came back to normal in later stages after the surgery.


On the other hand, there are numerous studies that reported that tonsillectomy does not produce any counterproductive effect on the immune system. Additionally, these researchers claim that removing the infected tonsils can help improve the immune response which remains impacted due to the infection. 

  • Short Term Complications 

There can be complications that can occur after removing the tonsils. Fortunately, these are short-term that means these side effects last for a week or two after the surgery. Some of the common side effects that people experience after taking out the tonsils are-

About Tonsil Removal Surgery 

It can be said that the benefits of choosing tonsillectomy outweigh the drawbacks. This brief account of the surgery can aid in ascertaining your decision of removing the tonsils permanently. 


Tonsil removal surgery or Tonsillectomy is the removal of the tonsils surgically. People who suffer from frequent episodes of tonsillitis should consider a tonsillectomy as tonsillitis can cause difficulty in swallowing or cause other complications. People who snore heavily and suffering sleep apnea are also suggested to consider this option. 


The doctors perform the whole procedure under the influence of anesthesia making it a painless procedure. During the surgery, the doctor either burns away the tissue or removes the tonsils with a scalpel. The patient recovers within 2-5 days if they follow the post-operative instructions properly. 


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