Menstrual Cups: Will It Affect My Virginity?

What is a menstrual cup?

This is a funnel-shaped reusable feminine hygiene product used during menstruation. It is small as well as flexible so that it can be inserted into the vagina smoothly. 

It can be either made of rubber or silicone that can be inserted into the vagina to collect the blood.

How does it work?

Before you know how to use a menstrual cup, consider the following factors before you get yourself a menstrual cup-

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Inserting Your Menstrual Cup

Women who are younger than 30 are recommended to buy small menstrual cups. Here is a step by step that can guide you on how to use this device-

  • Start by washing your hands properly.
  • A silicone made menstrual cup is soft enough to insert into the vagina. 
  • Fold it in half with one hand with the rim facing up
  • Insert the cup into the vagina a few inches inside
  • Once you have inserted it, rotate it like a spring sealing off leaks 
  • Depending on your flow, remove, rinse and re-insert the menstrual cup every 8-12 hours.

If you are using a menstrual cup for the first time, it can be really uncomfortable. So, if you grease it with a lubricant, you can insert it more smoothly. You can also lubricate the rim of the menstrual cup with water. 

The best way to know that you have inserted the menstrual cup properly is that you won’t be able to feel any pain or discomfort after inserting the cup. You’ll be able to carry on with your daily life without any trouble.
processing of using a cup

Taking out the Menstrual Cup

You should not use a menstrual cup not more than 12 hours. But if you have a heavy flow you might have to change it beforehand. 

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • With the help of your index finger and thumb, gently pull out the stem of the cup until you reach the stem
  • Pinch the base to break off the seal and pull it down
  • Take it out and wash it under the sink
  • You need to change your cups at least twice a day.  Store the cup only after washing and drying it. If you are using disposable ones, then throw them away after using them.

Will menstrual cup affect virginity?

You have to insert a menstrual cup in order to use them. Hence, there is a very high chance that you might break your hymen when you use them regularly. So if you have never been involved in intercourse and using a cup for the first time, there are chances that you can lose your virginity. 

What are the advantages of menstrual cups?

There are several pros of using a menstrual cup. Women use menstrual cups for the following reasons-
benefits of menstrual cups

It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Be it tampons or sanitary napkins, you have to buy them each and every month. Menstrual cups are a one-time investment. Once you buy a reusable cup, you don’t have to buy another. Think about how much money you are going to save when you use menstrual cups. 

Much safer to use.

With tampons or sanitary pads, you are at the risk of getting infections. But cups work by collecting the blood and not absorbing. So it is always better and safer to use menstrual cups than tampons and pads.

Collect more blood.

Pads tend to cause leaking as these are unable to hold or absorb enough blood. But menstrual cups can hold more blood so you don’t have to change it every 4 hours.

Go eco-friendly.

Tampons or sanitary napkins are not at all eco-friendly. They generate tons of waste which are incinerated which makes the air toxic. As menstrual cups are reusable which automatically cut down on the waste you generate.

Leave it in for 12 hours.

You need to change your pads every 4-8 hours when you are down. This is kind of a hassle. But as menstrual cups can hold more blood, you can leave them on longer. These are really good for overnight protection.

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What are the disadvantages of menstrual cups?

diadvantages of menstrual cup
Women still prefer to use tampons or sanitary napkins due to the disadvantages they impose. Some of them are discussed below-

Removing cups are messy.

It can get really difficult for inserting a menstrual cup or taking it out. When you fold it for inserting, it can get really cause discomfort or some pain also. You can even spill the cup which can create a mess.

Finding the right fit is tough.

Before you find the right size for yourself, you have to try various menstrual cups a couple of times. This can be uncomfortable until you find the right size.

You can be allergic.

There’s a high chance that silicone or rubber made menstrual cups can cause some allergies. But there are some which are latex-free which are suitable for people with latex surgeries.

Cause vaginal irritation.

When you use an unclean menstrual cup, it can cause irritation in the vagina. It can be really uncomfortable when you insert a cup without any lubrication. 


Menstrual cups have their pros and cons. Although there are several advantages, women still prefer to use sanitary napkins for comfort. Menstrual cups can also affect your virginity. If you want to regain your virginity, then you can undergo a hymenoplasty from Pristyn Care. To know more about this surgery, give us a call.

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