Don’t you also wish that periods could be kinder to your body? Well, to your surprise, it is not impossible. You can actually beat the blues of painful periods and end them faster. There are a few simple tips that can prove to be wonderful in curbing the heavy bleeding and dreadful cramps.

Let’s gain an insight into the tips to end the periods smoothly and faster:

Regular exercise- 

Incorporating exercise in your daily routine keeps the mind and the body in synergy. Exercising releases a feel-good chemical called endorphins in the body. It also reduces the heavy flow and makes it less painful. Regular and mild cardio exercises result in effectively ending the periods faster and relieving bloating. It also keeps you away from any cardiovascular problems and maintains hormonal balance in the body. 

You can begin with light walking, moderate jogging, light swimming, cycling and gradually shift to other cardio exercises. Full body stretching is also a best-suited alternative that offers you relief from muscles. (Also Read: How to stay active during different phases of Period Cycle? )

exercise to end period faster

You can also try some yoga postures such as a child’s pose, inverted leg pose, knees to chest pose and corpse pose to witness the wonderful effects on your body. These yoga exercises immensely relieve the muscle cramps, boost the blood flow, reduce stress and anxiety. All these benefits of exercising are surely enough to make you tap into an active lifestyle. 

stretching exercise to help in period
Remember to consult with your gynecologist before making any changes in your lifestyle routine. Discuss your exercise regime with the doctor so that you do not exert yourself. 

Vitamin C is a must- 

According to doctors, vitamin C effectively lowers the heavy bleeding from the uterus during periods. This is caused due to the anti-estrogenic properties in vitamin C. So ladies, have food that is enriched with vitamin C. Here is a list of food items rich in Vitamin C:

  • Citrus fruits- lemon, orange, kiwi, grapefruit, kinnow
  • Papaya, guava, blackcurrants, strawberries, cantaloupe
  • Bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower

vitamin C for periods
You can also take supplements of vitamin C to help you in getting through the periods faster. Also, vitamin C has a lot of other digestive and skin benefits. 

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Vitamin E is essential-

According to studies, vitamin E reduces the intensity of menstrual cramps. It also shortens the duration of bleeding during periods. Nuts and seeds are some of the natural and richest sources of vitamin E. For vitamin E supplements, go for the ones that your doctor prescribes.   

vitamin E to end periods faster
Choose sanitary napkins over tampons-  

Sanitary napkins allow the menstrual to flow with restricting the passage. When you insert a tampon, it restricts the blood and makes the bleeding last longer. So, stick to using good quality sanitary napkins over tampons if you wish to end your periods faster. 

choose napkin to end periods faster
Oral birth control pills-

Hormonal birth control pills are also one of the most widely used options to manage the period cycle. Initially, it may take a few months that you start noticing the effects of oral birth control on your period. But, they certainly bring relief to the cramps and decrease the number of days you bleed.

Consume birth control pills that are prescribed by your doctor only. This will ensure that you face no side effects or complications of the pills

Have an orgasm- 

There are a lot of questions regarding having an orgasm during your periods. But, it is absolutely fine to have an orgasm on your periods. The contractions of the uterus push the menstrual blood out.  So, if you are skeptical about having sex, then masturbating to achieve an orgasm is not a bad option either. It will serve the purpose of ending your periods faster. 

Home remedies- 

  • Spices used in food such as ginger, pepper, curry powder, etc boost the blood circulation and heat up the body. As a result, this inbuilt heat increases the menstrual flow and allows the period to end faster. spices to end periods faster
  • Drink enough water and healthy juices so that the body does not dehydrate and is free from fatigue. Drinking sufficient water will also ensure that your blood does not get thick and obstruct the menstrual flow.  
  • Raspberry tea eases out the heavy bleeding and also shortens the duration of the period. So, it’s a win-win situation when you sip on this tea. 

raspberry tea
Now that you know these amazing tips on how to end your periods faster, do spread the word. Help your friends to beat the troubles of a heavy period with these simple yet effective tips.


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