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Does smelly vaginal odor or foul-smelling vaginal odor bother you? It obviously will. A little of that, once in a while is common. But excessive fishy smell can be a call for concern. Even under normal circumstances, a healthy female may also have a complaint of smelly vaginal odor.

Easy Tips to Get Rid of Smelly Discharge

  • Personal Hygiene

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Maintaining personal hygiene can keep smelly intimate area and discharge at a bay. Washing and cleaning your intimate areas the wrong way can also be a reason for smelly discharge Keep your vaginal area clean and dry and avoid keeping it moisture ridden. It can cause an imbalance in the natural pH balance of the vagina and lead to a smelly vaginal area

  • Menstrual Products

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Not changing menstrual cups, pads or tampons on time can make the vaginal area smelly. Make sure you frequently change your menstrual products and always clean the vaginal area before putting a new one

  • Sexual intercourse

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Having multiple sexual partners can cause an overgrowth of vaginal yeast or bacteria and can also cause vaginal infections. Make sure to clean the vaginal area and the vulva before and after sexual intercourse. It is also advised to not use scented or flavored condoms or lubricants as they may disturb the natural vaginal habitat.

  • Tight Clothing

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Wearing tight clothes can increase moisture in the vaginal area. Due to sweat accumulation and lack of ventilation in the tight clothing the female can have a smelly vagina. Try to wear cotton underwear for the comfort of your intimate area.

  • Diet

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Women who take a lot of coffee, onion, spicy food, have a high risk of the smelly vagina or vaginal odor.

Why are you Smelly down there ?

There may be several reasons for abnormal smell down there.

  • Cervical cancer
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Excessive use of Antibiotics
  • Diabetes
  • Pelvic Infection or Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases

Types of Vaginal Odours

Smelly vaginal odor can generally be of two types, listed below:

  • Fishy, foul-smelling Vaginal odor- A condition called Bacterial Vaginosis causes smelly vaginal odor. There are natural bacteria present in a female’s vagina. There is no harm to these bacteria. An imbalance in the natural occurrence or overgrowth of this vagina leads to a condition called Bacterial Vaginosis. It is a common vaginal infection that affects many females. The most common result of this condition is smelly discharge and fishy vaginal odor. Some women may also have vaginal dryness, itching, burning sensation while peeing, etc because of this condition.
  • Beer-like vaginal odor- Overgrowth of a certain yeast in the intimate area cause a sweet, beer-like or sour odor down there. If avoided, the normal smelly vaginal discharge may get worse and the female then may have thick, cloudy white discharge resembling cottage cheese. A female experiencing such odor and discharge should consult her gynecologist to the soonest.

To avoid the Risk of Smelly Vaginal Discharge, say no to:

  • Douching- it disrupts the natural pH balance of the intimate areas, increasing the risk of overgrowth of harmful bacteria.
  • Scented products- Avoid using scented or flavored soaps, washes, tampons, powders, scents or any other product around the intimate area.
  • Multiple Sexual Partners- Every human has a certain type of naturally occurring bacteria in the intimate area. Having multiple sexual partners can upset your natural bacterial and pH balance, resulting in smelly vaginal discharges.

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If you are facing the problem of abnormal vaginal odor, consult a gynecologist, it may also be a symptom of a vaginal disease or any other disorder

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  1. All the tips which are mentioned above worked fine for me. Point number 5 which is wearing tight clothes, which i was doing wrong. I would like to add one more point which is to change your underwear more often which is quiet helpful in this case.

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