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One of the best things you can do to maintain a healthy weight is to eat breakfast regularly. See, having a good breakfast prepares you for the day by fuelling up the mind and the body so that you can kick-start your day with an edge.

Besides, research shows that people who eat breakfast regularly are more healthy than people who skip their meals. So, a healthy breakfast helps to metabolize the body burns more calories throughout the day. Evidently, other research findings suggest that there is a connection between eating regular breakfast and lesser chances of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. However, eating those same old healthy breakfast meals can be boring. Also, it might fail at providing enough calories required by the body to properly function. So, what to do in such a case?

There’s no need to fret. Here are some out-of-the-box breakfast preparations you can try without compromising the nutrition-

  • Brown bread upma



Tired of eating the same old upma? This delicious food item is made from 2 slices of bread. See, this breakfast meal is rich in calcium as well as vitamin D. Furthermore, it will provide you sufficient energy to make you sustain throughout the day.

  • Vegetable sprout poha with flax seeds



The most common breakfast option for Indian people is the poha. Most importantly, change that same old flattened rice into something tasty yet healthy. The cumin lowers cholesterol, improves digestion and makes you feel lighter. 

  • Multigrain roti with low-fat yogurt


multigrain paratha

Swap that plate of aloo paratha with multigrain rotis. These rotis made from chana, dal, bajra, jowar, soya bean and barley control blood sugar levels and high in fiber. Yogurt contains probiotics which are good for your gut health.

  • Egg dosa

egg dosa

This is a delicious and high protein meal that uses an innovative yet discreet way to add some eggs. Try this delicacy hot and savor it with a bowl of sambar.


  • Boiled kidney beans chaat


Indians love chaat. But this can cause inflammation that increases hunger and decreases metabolism. One cup of kidney beans contains 16.2 grams of protein. This is also rich in dietary fiber and develops muscles. 

  • Toast of brown bread with low-fat butter



Brown bread is much healthier than white bread. Subsequently, white bread has preservatives that can be harmful to the body. Lite butter contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids. 

  • Besan chilla with turmeric and olive oil


Looking for something spicy yet healthy for breakfast? This is your savior. The benefits of eating this for breakfast include nutritious, low in calories, high in protein and lowering of bad cholesterol levels in the blood. 

Why should I include these in my diet plan?


According to a 1200 calorie plan, you should eat 400 calories for breakfast. This is considered sufficient for the body to function. But often the Indian food items that we eat for breakfast have a higher number of calories which cannot fully be metabolized by the body. Meanwhile, the extra number of calories later gets stored in the body as ‘fat’. When the fat gets regularly stored in the body, it opens up the door to a plethora of health risks- obesity, heart illnesses, insulin resistance, etc. 

Breakfast meal Number of Calories/100 gm Alternative Number of Calories/Serving
Upma 132 Brown bread upma 300-350
Poha 250 Vegetable Sprout Poha 400-450
Aloo Paratha 300 Multigrain roti with yogurt 350-400
Dosa 152 Egg dosa 345
Scrambled eggs 107 Microwave scrambled eggs in a cup 145
Regular white bread toast 64 Toast of brown bread with lite butter 200-350
Chaat 242 Boiled kidney beans chaat 350-400
Chilla 143 Besan chilla with turmeric and olive oil 250-300

Notice how the alternative options offer the required number of calories per serving. On the other hand, the regular meal that you eat provides the number of calories per 100 grams. 

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