home remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is, of course, an embarrassing condition for men. In this condition, a male is unable to either achieve or sustain the erection long enough for sexual intercourse. It is also associated with reduced sexual desire or libido.  (Also Read: What are the warning signs of erectile dysfunction?)

High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases are among the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Although there are various treatment options and therapy available for erectile dysfunction, you must know that home remedies also play a vital role here in dealing with these causes of erectile dysfunction. 

So yes, there are simple yet effective home remedies that if you follow will bring significant improvement in your condition of erectile dysfunction.

Avocados for increasing your sex drive

Avocado- food for erectile dysfunction

As in most cases of erectile dysfunction, the person tends to feel lesser interested in sex. This, however, creates more anxiety in men as to what is wrong with their libido. Well, in such cases avocados work as an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. Avocados are enriched with healthy fats, vitamins, and potassium that help in boosting your libido.

Avocados also contain zinc and vitamin E that increases testosterone levels and improves sperm quality. Thus, avocado is an amazing remedy to get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Fenugreek is an old effective remedy

Fenugreek seeds- remedy for erectile dysfunction

Fenugreek is well known for its anti-inflammatory and libido-boosting properties. Therefore fenugreek is also used in numerous ayurvedic herbs prepared for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. 

Pistachio nuts

pistachios for erectile dysfunction

Did you ever think that pistachios can act as a remedy to cure erectile dysfunction? Well, these nuts are loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, hence they are the best snacking option. Pistachio nuts lower the risk of heart disorders and also lower blood pressure. Since these two are among the major causes related to erectile dysfunction, you should have 5 pistachios every day to improve erectile dysfunction.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate for erectile dysfunction

Dark chocolates are a rich source of flavanols, that help in increasing the blood flow and reduce blood pressure. It also increases the production of nitric oxide that enables a man to achieve successful erections. Dark chocolate is without a doubt the most favored home remedy for erectile dysfunction. Isn’t it?

Oats are an aphrodisiac

Oats are an excellent food choice when it comes to dealing with reproductive health issues. These are enriched in fibers and nutrients that help in coping up with erectile dysfunction faster. 

oats-fiber rich diet

Especially, the amino acid L-arginine present in oats proves to work effectively in treating dysfunction. So, whether or not you are facing the troubles of erectile dysfunction oatmeals are a big yes for your regular diet.

Tomatoes boost your penile health

Tomatoes contain lycopene that is beneficial in increasing fertility and hence lower the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. If the lower sperm count is the actual underlying reason for erectile dysfunction, eating tomatoes can bring a major improvement. 

tomatoes to cure erectile dysfunction

Having tomatoes in your regular diet also ensures to prevent the chances of prostate cancer. So, you must include this tasty remedy in your daily diet and witness the wonderful health effects.

Exercise to kick away erectile dysfunction

Regularly exercising and keeping active is among the best natural ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Full body stretching, running, swimming, etc improve the blood flow to the penis that helps in achieving a successful erection.

Also, pelvic-floor exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. When the penis receives sufficient oxygenated blood for an erection, chances of erectile dysfunction lower amazingly. 

Yoga can cure erectile dysfunction

Yoga poses that involve deep breathing and lower body stretching bring a remarkable improvement in erectile dysfunction. It also helps in alleviating stress and anxiety that contribute to the worsening of erectile dysfunction. 

So yes, yoga works as a wonderful natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. And not just erectile dysfunction, yoga helps in boosting your overall health, both physical and mental. 

Quitting unhealthy lifestyle choices is necessary to get rid of erectile dysfunction

Unhealthy lifestyle practices such as smoking, excessive alcohol, and eating junk actively contribute to reduced blood circulation throughout the body. This impaired blood circulation often leads to or aggravates the problem of erectile dysfunction. Smokers have up to 60% increased chances of erectile dysfunction. 

Smoking and alcohol also increase the chances of heart disorders and blood pressure, further adding up to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Also, men who are obese and lead a sedentary mode of lifestyle are at a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Thus, you must maintain an active lifestyle and shed those extra kilos to stay healthy and free of trouble.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned home remedies and tips work wonderfully in improving the condition of erectile dysfunction. Incorporating these dietary and lifestyle changes in your routine can help resolve the problem and can save you from any more embarrassment or troubles. 

However, if in your case, these home remedies do not seem to work, it can be an indication of an underlying medical condition. Delaying the treatment for this condition can have serious implications and the recurring episodes of erectile dysfunction can even lead to permanent impotence. 

Therefore, if you are going through the troubles of erectile dysfunction, contact a specialist doctor and receive proper treatment.

If you have any queries, you can contact Pristyn Care Fertility Specialist. Our medical coordinators will be happy to resolve them for you.

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