What to do if you're suffering from Prostate

This is a fact for older men, who are over the age of 60 develop the symptoms for prostate problems. The three common problems are BPH, noncancerous prostate enlargement, prostate cancer. BPH is too common as a normal consequence of aging in males.

The main role of the prostate is to produce an essential portion of seminal fluid which helps to carry sperm. The walnut-shaped gland is located below the man’s bladder and contributes to growing after the puberty. An enlarged prostate is problematic as it presses the urethra which creates difficulties with the urination and it weakens the bladder. Some symptoms of the prostate include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Difficulty starting urination
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Ejaculation is painful
  • Inability to empty the bladder
  • Not controlled dribbling after urination

Ignoring prostate problems is not a good idea. If the problems are left untreated, the prostate can become worse and be painful which leads to dangerous complications. Changes in diet can help to reduce prostate discomforts and can reduce the chances of prostate cancer. Given below are 5 remedies to prevent prostate problems.

Watermelon and pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds for home remedies

Pumpkin seeds are used to treat difficult urination which accompanies an enlarged prostate. The seeds have a diuretic property which helps to build the immune system. The best way to enjoy pumpkin seeds is by eating them plain. Crush a handful of seeds and place them in a jar. Fill the jar with boiling water, let it cool, drink a pint of pumpkin seed tea a day for good results. Watermelon tea can help to flush out the system and it helps with the bladder problems. The process is the same as it’s for the pumpkin seeds.

Consume corn silk

corn silk for home remedies

The silk from the corn has been used by many generations as the remedy for symptoms for prostate enlargement. Take fresh corn, cut the silk from corn. Put this in 1-quart water, boil, and sim this for ten minutes. Strain this and drink a cup. Drink around 3 cups a week.

Change your diet

You should include salmon fish in your diet and is best for tumor and cancer growth. Try to get 2 servings of fish which is high in omega-3 oils like tuna, salmon or mackerel. By using soy foods is a phytoestrogen to reduce prostate problems. Soy-based foods contain phytoestrogens which are able to reduce the testosterone production which is the main cause to increase the prostate cancer growth. The phytoestrogens can limit the growth of blood capillaries which form around tumors of the prostate.

Intake supplements

The extract of berries of Palmetto has been shown to work well or better than drugs to improve the urinary flow rates and it is able to reduce the symptoms of BPH, like the weak flow. The extract here works by altering your hormone levels, it reduces the prostate enlargement. Palmetto extracts can be purchased at any health store. Stinging nettle can also be used and studies have shown that it reduces the symptoms of prostate problems. You can take stinging nettle in the form of capsules.

Maintain your health

You can take these steps to improve your health:

  • Reduce the intake of red meats and fatty foods
  • Drink 10 glasses of water in a day
  • Watch the alcohol intake, there have been studies which have shown that beer can increase the prolactin levels in the body, which can lead to the prostate enlargement.

Prevention Tips for Prostate Problems

  • Stop smoking
  • Manage stress levels
  • Avoid the fluid intake in the evening
  • Try to empty the bladder fully while urinating
  • Practice some bladder training exercises like meditation and yoga which will relive the stress
  • Limit your fluid intake to not more than 3 litres per day

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