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Is Hernia Surgery Safe During Omicron?

It goes unsaid that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the medical industry to a great extent. But no matter how extreme the situations became, the healthcare workers continued to serve the people and saved millions of lives with their efforts.


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It goes unsaid that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the medical industry to a great extent. But no matter how extreme the situations became, the healthcare workers continued to serve the people and saved millions of lives with their efforts.

Though coronavirus and its variants made it difficult for everyone to get surgical treatments at hospitals, the safety of the patients was never compromised by trusted healthcare institutions. So, whether you need to undergo hernia surgery, gallstone removal surgery, or any other surgical treatment, know that the surgery is safe, even during omicron (the latest COVID-19 variant).

Today, you will read about how hernia surgery is made safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and where you can get proper treatment.

How is hernia surgery made safe during omicron?

As the coronavirus and all its variants can be contracted through air, Pristyn Care and all other healthcare providers across India have taken all the necessary safety measures against the coronavirus, including the omicron variant. The following rules are strictly followed for protection against the virus and its variants.

  • Every person who enters the hospital premises has to go through thermal screening and their hands are also sanitized at the entry gate.
  • No one is allowed to enter the hospital or clinic without masks. Hospitals/clinics should provide every person with a mask during entry. 
  • Only one person is allowed as the attendant to the patient and can stay with him/her during the treatment.
  • Patients are encouraged to make an appointment with the doctor prior to their arrival so that the clinic or hospital doesn’t get crowded.
  • The medical and non-medical staff wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) kit. 
  • The entire medical facility, every room, and every piece of equipment are sanitized and disinfected multiple times throughout the day.
  • Social distancing rules are also strictly followed. The seating arrangement is done accordingly in the waiting areas.

Hernia surgery, both open and laparoscopic surgery, is a sophisticated procedure. Following all safety protocols are necessary to ensure that the treatment was successful and the coronavirus or omicron variant doesn’t affect the results or recovery. Therefore, Pristyn Care is the ideal destination to undergo hernia surgery during omicron safely and successfully.

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Where can you undergo hernia surgery safely amid the omicron cases spike? 

Pristyn Care is one of the healthcare providers that is still providing elective surgical services all across India. We provide in-patient and outpatient services at our clinics and partnered hospitals. All the safety guidelines laid by WHO and the Indian Government are followed to provide a safe and sound environment where patients can get comprehensive medical care. 

The key reason why hernia surgery is safer with Pristyn Care is because we follow all the rules and regulations under all circumstances. For us, patients’ safety and health are the top priority. Thus, we ensure that everything is being taken care of to make the entire treatment journey safe and hassle-free for the patient. 

Whether a patient needs to undergo hernia surgery or any other elective surgery, they can rely on us to undergo surgery in a clean, safe, hygienic, and COVID-free environment. 

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Is a COVID test required before hernia surgery at Pristyn Care?

Yes. Whether you are undergoing open or laparoscopic hernia surgery, it is mandatory to take a COVID test beforehand. While you are admitted to the hospital, the RTPCR test will be performed by a medical professional to detect if there is any coronavirus antigen present in your body. 

The doctor only proceeds with the treatment when the test result comes negative and it is safe for the patient to undergo a surgical procedure. If the result is positive, then the patient will receive treatment for the virus first and then undergo surgery after complete recovery. 

Pristyn Care also has a COVID-19 treatment center where people can get admission and receive proprietary care at a reasonable cost. 

Contact Pristyn Care to Consult Hernia Specialists

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Pristyn Care continued to provide medical and surgical care to the patients who needed them. The same is true as the cases of the omicron virus are on the rise. Pristyn Care actively and dedicatedly provides seamless medical care to everyone who needs it. 

If you wish/need to undergo hernia surgery, you can schedule a free consultation with our hernia specialists and discuss the treatment options with them. We not only provide best-in-class laparoscopic hernia treatment but also have a flexible payment system that makes the treatment affordable. The patients can pay using cash, credit cards, debit cards, cheques, insurance policy, and through No-Cost EMI service as well. 

Pristyn Care focuses on simplifying the surgical experience of the patients and takes care of all the treatment-related formalities on their behalf. You only need to get in touch with our medical coordinators and they will book your appointment with the best hernia doctor in your city, schedule diagnostic tests at a partnered lab, send a medical team at home for coronavirus detection test, arrange a cab for travel, and also provide post-surgery assistance. 

Give us a call today and learn more about the services Pristyn Care provides. 

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