After the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has become an important way to connect patients with doctors. Various healthcare startups are taking the initiative to bridge the gap between doctors, patients, and medical services.  

The rise in technology is no doubt a boon for healthcare. Now, whenever you feel sick, instead of going out and finding an open clinic or hospital nearby, you can get an online appointment with one of the top doctors in your city and country. 

There are various online doctor consultation apps available that make consulting a doctor remotely convenient and easy. These apps have certainly made communication between a specialist and a patient simpler than earlier. Furthermore, the safety concerns are also resolved as you can consult the doctors from home, office, or any other place.

List of Best Apps for Online Doctor Consultation in India 

Here are 5 top telemedicine apps that will help you get in touch with a doctor for treatment of a variety of medical conditions. 

1: Pristyn Care 


With the Pristyn Care app, all of the patient’s needs are fulfilled in one place. A patient can browse the list of doctors available nearby, check their certifications, experience, availability, consultation fee, and schedule an appointment at his/her convenience. 

The app is available for download on iOS and Android for free with access to most of the services offered by Pristyn Care. Along with online consultation for your health issues, you can also get surgical treatment under the care of Pristyn Care doctors. 

The app helps to connect patients and the expert healthcare professionals and do much more, such as access your CoWIN certificate, book RT/PCR test, etc. with just a few clicks. 

You can get treatment for various health issues, including piles, fissure, fistula, hernia, gallstone, appendicitis, blurry vision, cataract, sinusitis, tonsillitis, varicose veins, spider veins, gynaecological issues, and others. 

2: Lybrate 


Another telemedicine app that has helped to connect doctors and pathology labs with patients is Lybrate- Consult a Doctor. You can ask one question for free about any health issue or topic and get multiple helpful answers from health experts. 

The “Book Appointment” feature of the Lybrate app allows patients to consult doctors online across major cities of India. The patient can post health-related queries anonymously and receive tips from trusted doctors. Patients can also get a prescription from the doctor, manage their medical records within the application for quick access, and book lab tests using the app. 

Lybrate app is available for download on Play Store and App Store for free. You can book an appointment with doctors of various specialties, including ENT, Ayurveda, general physician, physiotherapy, dentistry, pediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, and much more. 

3: MFine 


Created by Novocura Tech Health Services Private Limited, MFine app is a dedicated app for online doctor consultations and at-home lab tests. The app connects patients with specialist doctors over chat, audio, and video calls. 

Doctor consultations fee through this app starts at Rs. 199 and varies based on the doctor’s specialty and experience. The patient also gets a 50% discount on all at-home health checkups and tests. The app is available for download on Play Store and App Store for free. 

Patients can choose symptoms like acne, high blood sugar, high BP, irregular periods, weight gain, etc. and select a doctor depending on their specialization. The appointment with the doctor will be fixed instantly and you can also follow up with the doctor in the next 5-days without additional charges. 

4: DocsApp 24×7 


DocsApp is another one of the most popular apps for online doctor consultation for Android & iOS users. The app follows a simple criterion to connect patients and doctors. 

Ask a health-related question and the app will allot a doctor based on your question/query. You will share personal details, diagnostic reports, and photos of the problem or health issue you have with the doctor. Based on the information provided, the doctor will prescribe medicines. If necessary, you can also schedule diagnostic tests and get the samples collected from home. 

Mostly reputed MD doctors from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. of different specialties are connected with the app to provide consultation for weight management, scalp care, dermatology problems, gynaecological problems, pregnancy problems, acidity, and others. 

5: Tata Health 


Tata Health is a trusted and reliable app for online doctor consultation. It brings comprehensive care to the patient’s fingertips 24×7. Hand-picked doctors are on-boarded to this venture after a multi-step screening process to ensure that the patients only receive consultations from experts. 

You can book an appointment with General Medicine doctors and discuss your problems, such as cough, cold, stomach pain, nausea, indigestion, minor injuries, and others with them over call or chat. Besides that, other specialist consultants are also accessible through this app, including dermatologists, gynaecologists, pediatricians, and physicians. 

The accessibility to doctors varies based on the health subscription package you opt for. So, make sure that you pick a subscription that can provide holistic care and access to the best doctors without any hassle. To get all the services, download the app from Play Store or App Store for free. 

Book Online Consultation with the Best Doctors in India 

Optimal medical care is now only a few clicks away from the patients, thanks to the online doctor consultation apps. Though online consultations are not a suitable option for urgent or surgical care, it is a viable option for general health issues and elective surgical procedures. Alongside this, online consultations are an easy, safe, secure, private, and quick way to get access to medical aid at the patient’s convenience. 

You can choose to download any of these top 5 apps for online doctor consultation and connect with highly experienced doctors for best-in-class health care. Each of these apps has slightly different features that are beneficial for the patient in various regards. Try them out and use the one that meets your specific healthcare needs.  

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Updated on 2nd September 2023

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