Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or Klaibya (Ayurvedic term) is the inability to achieve or maintain erection to satisfy his and the partner’s sexual needs. This is the most common problem in men due to the lifestyle changes that result in stress-related problems later on. Usually, this problem occurs in men above 40 years.  Out of embarrassment, a lot of men fail to seek the right treatment. In most severe cases, it leads to impotency. 

Erectile Dysfunction in Ayurveda is defined as 

“अकालपाप्रवणो नित्यं परमं वश्यामपिं चरणम् ||

ना ययाति लिंगशिलातिलैथ कदचिद्याति वा यदी |

श्वासार्थार्थं स्विन्यगृहश्च मोघसंकल्पपश्चैत ||

म्लेनाशिश्नाश्च निर्बीजं सहोदयते कलिब्यालक्षनम् |”

This means that although man has a strong desire for the sexual act, he is unable to perform due to the absence of erection. Even if he puts effort into intercourse, he does not get erection and starts getting tired and frustrated. According to Ayurveda, imbalance in Vata causes erectile dysfunction.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, Erectile Dysfunction is of seven types depending on the causes:

  1. Manasik Klaibya –  psychological factors
  2. Dosha Klaibya – physiological factors
  3. Shukrakshayaj – deficiency of Shukra Dhatu
  4. Vyadhi –  some other disease like diabetes
  5. Agha Taj – surgical or accidental trauma
  6. Shukran Rodham – suppression of sexual urge and 
  7. Sahaj – congenital

Ayurveda Tips to treat Erectile Dysfunction

What is the treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction is a combination of diet, lifestyle changes along with herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. Here are some Ayurvedic medicines for Erectile Dysfunction treatment: 

  • Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera

It is a very popular and ancient Ayurvedic medicine that people are using for ages to treat erectile dysfunction. Ashwagandha for erectile dysfunction helps boost libido and increases longevity strengthening the reproductive muscles for proper and strong erection.

It is also helpful for patients with the problem of premature ejaculation by increasing the time span of intercourse. Ashwagandha reduces the stress level and improves stamina which is an underlying cause of ED.  

  • Tulsi Beej

Tulsi beej or seeds are effective and help in increasing the sperm count. It increases the blood flow in the penis and prevents a weaker erection. Moreover, it also helps in loss of appetite and weakness in bones and muscles. 

  • Jaifal or Nutmeg 

It is a herb that stimulates the brain and nerves for penile erection. Jaifal also helps correct blood circulation. 

  • Shilajeet (Mineral Pitch)

Shilajeet is an Ayurvedic medicine that reduces the impotence that comes with aging. It is a boosting tonic that increases the blood circulation in the body, prevents fatigue after intercourse and increases physical strength. It helps restore the tissues and improves metabolism. 

  • Gokhshur

Gokhshur, similar to ashwagandha, is also a promising Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction. It helps treat muscular weakness to make erection stronger. Ayurveda experts may also suggest Gokhshur for male infertility, as it may increase sperm count and plasma testosterone. It is also helpful in early discharge and over-excitement, which leads to premature ejaculation.

  • Garlic

Not many people are aware that garlic is also helpful in treating erectile problems in men. It acts quite similar to viagra but is safer than that. It can be consumed in day to day life by adding them to your food. Garlic increases nitrate oxide production in the body that helps in the blood flow of the penile area. 

  • Vajikarana Therapy

This Ayurveda Therapy balances the doshas and revitalizes the body elements. People believe that the medicines in Vajikarana Therapy improves the overall reproductive system and strengthens the reproductive muscles for satisfactory intercourse. It also lowers the stress and anxiety around sexual desire. 

Some Ayurvedic herbs are used in preparation for this therapy: vrihani gutika, vrishya gutika, vajikarana ghrita, upatyakari shashtikadi gutika, medadi yog and shatavari. 

  • Shatavari 

As mentioned above, Shatavari or asparagus racemosus is an ingredient used in preparation for Vajikarana Therapy. It is an aphrodisiac that improves blood circulation and nerves function.

  • Yoga

Ayurvedic medicines for erectile dysfunction can work wonders if they go along with some lifestyle changes such as Yoga. Practicing physical exercises and Yoga for erectile dysfunction can improve flexibility, blood flow and reduce the stress level in the body. Moreover, this will promote healthy levels of testosterone.

Is there any risk of Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction? 

There are no risks of these medicines unless you consume them without the consultation of the doctor. The right dosage of these medicines is important, therefore, do not try to self medicate. There may be side-effects if these Ayurvedic medicines are consumed inappropriately and the results may be unpredictable. 

Final Words

If you do not see any improvement with Ayurveda treatment in your fertility, come to Pristyn Care. At Pristyn Care Clinic, we provide effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. The treatments for erectile dysfunction are personalized according to the individual needs and requirements for high success rates and best results. 

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