Comprehensive views of External Hemorrhoids or Piles

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Aditya Gupta

external piles inside rectum walls
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Here are some images which showcase the bulges or external hemorrhoids inside rectum walls with models and sketch diagrams. The bigger the size, more painful and worse the condition is.

The internal and external hemorrhoids are labeled in the image.

pictorial view of  internal and external hemorrhoids

A sketch diagram with labeled internal & external hemorrhoids.

sketch picture of piles

This image is showing a plastic model of hemorrhoids & human rectum.

pictorial view of  plastic model of hemorrhoids

This image is showing both internal (on left) and external (on right) hemorrhoids.

pictorial view of both internal and external hemorrhoids

The below image is representing a severe condition of hemorrhoids. In conditions like this one, to relieve the pain, a person should consult with a general surgeon.

pictorial view of condition of hemorrhoids

The prolapsing hemorrhoid is shown in the below image. Hemorrhoids in this condition can immediately be treated by Laser surgery.

pictorial view of prolapsing hemorrhoid


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