Comprehensive views of external hemorrhoids or piles

Here are some images which showcase the bulges or external hemorrhoids inside rectum walls with models and sketch diagrams. The bigger the size, more painful and worse the condition is.

External hemorrhoids are a result of continuous straining during bowel movements. It is found beneath the skin around your anus. Symptoms of external hemorrhoids depending on the severity of hemorrhoids. 

  • itching around the anal region
  • pain in or around the anal region
  • blood in stool
  • lumps around the anus

The internal and external hemorrhoids are labeled in the image

pictorial view of internal and external hemorrhoids

A sketch diagram with internal & external hemorrhoids

sketch picture of piles

This image is showing a plastic model of hemorrhoids & human rectum

pictorial view of plastic model of hemorrhoids

This image is showing both internal (on left) and external (on right) hemorrhoids

pictorial view of both internal and external hemorrhoids

The below image is representing a severe condition of hemorrhoids. In conditions like this one, to relieve the pain, a person should consult with a general surgeon

pictorial view of condition of hemorrhoids

The prolapsing hemorrhoid is in the below image. In this condition, get the most effective and advanced treatment –  Laser surgery.

pictorial view of prolapsing hemorrhoid


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  1. In this article you have explained about external piles. The information really helped and can you tell me ways other than surgery? Like natural home remedies for treatment of piles. Hoping to get a quick reply.

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