As women are becoming more concerned about their personal health and beauty, the face is no longer the only matter of concern. Some women may like to beautify their private parts for an overall satisfaction. Vaginal bleaching, commonly known as bikini bleaching is a go-to treatment for this purpose, as it is completely safe & effective procedure. It not only beautifies your bikini area but will also enhance sexual with your partner.

The bikini area may often get dark as compared to other parts of the skin. This may lead to a conscious you. But do you know the reasons for darker genital? There may be various reasons leading to the darkness such as: –

  • Changes in hormones
  • Genetic heredity
  • Post pregnancy marks
  • Aging can also lead to this situation
  • Infection from bacteria
  • The native place from where you belong

Laser Treatment for Vaginal Bleaching

Laser vaginal (bikini) bleaching can help women get the even tone of intimate parts making it look attractive and boosting the inner confidence. Discoloration may lead to a lack of interest in sexual life. Vaginal bleaching sorts out this difficulty for you making you beautiful inside out.

How the treatment is performed?

The bikini bleaching treatment is quite simple and quick. It takes about half an hour for the procedure. Following are the important things you need to know prior to treatment.

  • Shave the bikini area minimum 3 days before the session.
  • Your doctor may prescribe an anti-bacterial lotion to be used before the treatment to avoid any vaginal infection
  • Wear loose garments before and after the process.
  • Local anesthesia may be used to save you from any pain during the procedure.
  • Advanced laser technique- Femilift is used to target a laser beam to the genital part to remove the top dark layer.
  • Visible results in one session, although it’s better to take 3 sessions.
  • Disinfectant creams may be prescribed after the treatment.

Over the years, efforts were made to attain a desirable outcome with long-lasting effect. Topical creams and a few bleaching products were also used but the effects for short-term and not completely safe for vaginal health. Laser treatment offers a permanent solution to those who are conscious and concerned about dark genital skin.

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