9 Morning Habits For Weight Loss

Very often, people hold this misconception that to lose weight they must starve themselves or kill their appetite. It is certainly not the right way to shed off those extra kilos. You don’t have to go way too hard on yourself to lose weight. All you need to do is just bring about gradual healthy changes and not the unhealthy and abrupt ones.

However, losing weight does not have to involve a complete change of your regular diet and lifestyle. In fact, making a few minor changes in your morning routine alone can help you lose weight and also stay fit. This blog lists 9 easy morning habits to incorporate into the regimen to aid the weight loss efforts.

1. Protein-Rich Breakfast Is the Key To Shed Extra Kilos

lean protein kept in weight- healthy morning habit to lose weight

To help your body lose weight naturally, make sure that your first meal of the day is filled with a high amount of protein. Actually, the human body takes longer to digest the macronutrients, as compared to carbohydrates or fat. So, high-protein breakfast will keep you satisfied for several hours and help with appetite control and also balance the blood sugar. 

For optimal fullness benefits, get 25 to 30 gms of protein in your breakfast from eggs, plain yogurt, nuts or nut butter, lean chicken or turkey sausage. Having a breakfast rich in protein will not only keep you feeling full and healthy for the day but also kick start your mornings and boost weight loss. Thus, protein rich breakfast is the healthiest step towards losing weight! (Also Read: You think you are eating in order? Check Again.)


2. Try Detox To Lose Excess Weight

lemon-tea-on-a-table- healthy morning habit for weight loss  

Starting your mornings with a glass of lukewarm water is an easy yet effective way to boost your weight-loss cycle. Detox water increases your body’s energy expenditure, which means the number of calories your body burns will also increase. On average, drinking about 500 ml of water can lead to a 30% increase in metabolic rate.

Drinking detox water in the morning also reduces appetite and food intake by making the individual “feel full”. Starting your morning with a big glass of lukewarm (with a dash of lemon) or normal water to detox the body and kick-start the day is an amazing habit. This good morning habit will also keep you well hydrated all throughout the day and is a great way to lose weight, that too with minimal effort.


3. If it’s your thing, then enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Black Coffee- healthy morning habit for weight loss

Not everyone is a morning coffee person. A morning cup of coffee can potentially reduce the appetite and thus the calorie intake of the individual. Caffeine can act as a fat-burning boost in the morning and boost metabolism.

Drinking a cup of light roast coffee every morning is enough to stimulate the brown fat, also known as BAT or brown adipose tissue, that helps the body burn calories more quickly. Having a caffeine boost in the morning can also benefit one with a better focus for the day. But remember to keep a check on your intake of caffeine, too much of it can cause dehydration.  (Also Read: Myth or Fact: Is Coffee Beneficial for Gallstones? )


4. Get On Workout Mode And Lose That Extra Weight

female working out in the morning for weight loss

Many researches show that morning exercise helps you lose weight and burn some extra calories. Exercising or working out in the morning lowers caloric intake later in the day, and also shows a more significant change in the BMI, bodyweight, abdominal circumference, and abdominal skinfold thickness. Thus, exercising every morning is the best natural way to lose weight and lift your mood. (Also Read: Can You Lose Weight Faster by Exercising on an Empty Stomach? )


5. Walk as much you can 

woman walking in a park

A morning walk can be beneficial in more ways than you think. The morning sun can alter the modulate body fat and the levels of the satiety hormones leptin and ghrelin (the hunger hormone). You would be surprised to learn that exposure to morning sun can increase your metabolism and thus enhance weight regulation. Morning walks also increase your exposure to Vitamin D, an essential nutrient most people have a deficiency of. 

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6. Sleep in, if you need some more minutes

young man sleeping well in his bed

A good night’s sleep is important and beneficial for overall wellness. But, most of us are not sleeping long enough. In addition to boosting overall health, getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night can also help you lose weight. In various studies, sleep deprivation has been linked to an increase in binge eating and snacking after dinner, which eventually leads to weight gain. The takeaway here is to go to bed early and wake up early to get a nutritious breakfast and have a small walk. So if you’re planning to get up at early dawn, make sure to have early bedtime to manage the next morning with healthy habits. Doing so will help you in maintaining a healthy body weight and also remain stress-free.


7. Do a Weigh-In

female on a weighing machine with help written!- showing the concept of weight gain

People who regularly weigh themselves lose about 3 times more weight and body fat compared to the ones who weigh themselves less frequently. The best time of day to weigh yourself on the scale is right after getting up and going to the bathroom. This is because you would not be carrying any food-weight and will get the most accurate body weight. (Also Read: 10 Weight Loss Mistakes When You Are Over 40 )

8. Cold Showers Aid In Maintaining Healthy Metabolism

female taking a cold shower

Who does not love a good hot shower in the morning? No arguments that a warm shower can calm you in the morning and slowly wake you up. But the truth is that taking a cold shower in the morning helps boost the energy levels, metabolism, and regulates the hormones. A cold shower kicks the metabolism into high gear and is a wonderful way to prepare your body for a heavy protein breakfast and will also regulate the blood sugar levels and keep the cravings at bay throughout the morning.

9. Crunch Crunch! Properly chew your food

Family eating a healthy breakfast

Fill your breakfast plate with healthy foods that take more time to eat. Eating fiber and whole grain-rich breakfast takes considerably more effort to chew. When you chew more, you work your jaw, which burns 5% more calories than you generally would. Foods such as apples, carrots, and brown rice are rich in fiber, which keeps the bowels healthy and will also help you feel fuller for longer. Eating fiber-rich breakfast will help in reducing the overall caloric intake and help you in losing the weight in the healthiest way. Fiber rich diet also keeps you active and light throughout the day. (Also Read: 7 Best Health Tips to be in Good Shape )

The Bottom Line

Making a few changes in your morning habits can boost your metabolism and help in losing weight. Practicing healthy habits in the morning can help you start your day in the right way. Just make sure to combine the morning habits with a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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