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A person with swollen adenoids can experience first-hand problems. The problems can be snoring, sleep-disorder breathing, difficulty in chewing or swallowing, to name a few. Enlarged adenoids can also interfere with speech. 


The debate between treating swollen adenoids with or without surgical interventions is never-ending. Hence, this blog covers all kinds of treatment options available for treating inflammation of the adenoids. 

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Homeopathic Treatment for Enlarged Adenoids 

A child who is hypersensitive to allergens or antigens is more prone to developing adenoiditis. The homeopathic treatment helps to get relief from adenoiditis symptoms by targeting to decrease this hypersensitivity of the immune system. Fortunately, homeopathic medicines are available in the market that can curb acute symptoms of adenoiditis. 

6 homeopathic medicines that can help to get relief from the symptoms of enlarged adenoids are-

  • Baryta Carb- This is the most effective homeopathic medicine for enlarged adenoids. This helps to get relief from symptoms such as throat pain, difficulty in swallowing, blocked nose, dry mouth.  
  • Agraphis nutans- This medicine is recommended by doctors to help get relief from nasal obstruction due to enlarged adenoids by working on the root of the nose. 
  • Bacillinum- This homeopathic medicine is prescribed if there is a tendency of chronic headache after the enlargement of adenoids. When a person suffering from adenoiditis, experiences changes in their symptoms frequently, then this medicine is recommended. 
  • Calcarea carb-  Calcarea carb is the medicine for adenoiditis that develops due to exposure to cold air that leads to cold and cough.
  • Natrum mur- People who are prone to frequent upper respiratory infections with sneezing and thin water nasal drips can take this medicine. Sometimes people with adenoiditis can develop a terrible headache when exposed to the sun. 
  • Opium- Adenoiditis patients who snore due to blockage in the nose and have disturbed sleeping patterns can get relief after taking this medicine. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Enlarged Adenoids 

Ayurvedic treatment and medicines are designed as per the individual’s condition and requirements. Some of the ayurvedic herbs are as follows-

  • Dronapushpi-  Helps to get relief from asthma, cold, etc. 
  • Tejohwa- You can use this for brushing teeth and fighting off against infection, pain and burning sensation. 
  • Pippali- This can help to get relief from viral infections, cold, and inflammation. 
  • Maricha- This has proven to be very effective for throat infections. 
  • Karkatakasringi- You can use this for getting relief from cough, fever, hiccups and upper respiratory infections. 
  • Tinospora-  Consuming these increases antibodies in the body as it is rich in anti-microbial and immunostimulatory properties.   
  • Licorice- Rich in anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, this ayurvedic herb is very effective. 
  • Guggulu- You can mix this powder in water and gargle it. This revitalizes as well as rejuvenates the cells. 

Home remedies for Swollen Adenoids 

Home remedies can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with adenoiditis. Some of the home remedies for enlarged adenoids are-

Home remedies for swollen adenoids

  • Gargling with salted warm water twice a day to soothe the pain. 
  • Drinking a concoction of honey and lime juice in a glass of warm water to soothe sore throat and nasal congestion. 
  • Honey which is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can help in reducing the swelling of enlarged adenoids. To get better results, add a few drops of lemon juice and a small pinch of pepper powder to a teaspoon of honey. 
  • To reduce the inflammation and fight off infection, take herbs such as sage and Echinacea. For children, gargling with these herbs can help in getting relief. 
  • Another effective home remedy is inhaling steam to reduce congestion. 
  • People who are hypersensitive to cold breeze should always keep their heads, ears and throat covered. 
  • In case the swelling leads to dryness in the mouth, you can use a humidifier. 
  • Avoid talking too much so that you don’t put excessive strain on the throat. 

Dietary Recommendations for Enlarged Adenoids

Dietary recommendations for swollen adenoids

Swollen adenoids can make swallowing difficult. Due to this, the nutrition requirement of adenoiditis patient takes a backseat. Here are some recommendations for a diet that can help in fulfilling the required nutritional value-

  • Don’t drink extremely hot liquids as it can hurt your throat. 
  • Get into the habit of taking small sips frequently to avoid chances of dehydration.  
  • Consume liquids such as coconut water, apple juice, water, broth and soft foods such as mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cream soups, yogurt, cooked cereal, etc. at room temperatures.
  • Make your choice of diet a balanced one which is rich in carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 
  • Take citrus fruits and juices such as buttermilk, in smaller quantities first to make sure that you are not allergic to them. Sometimes an allergic patient can have a sore throat, pain or difficulty in swallowing after having these food items. 
  • Junk food and spicy items contain preservative items such as oil or condiments that can cause an allergic reaction such as sore throat, rhinitis, irritation of the throat, cough, etc. 
  • It is best to avoid foods and snacks that are hard and crunchy such as chips, hard bread, and nuts as they can trigger allergic symptoms. 

Natural Treatment For Enlarged Adenoids

  • Coconut oil

It is rich in antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Taking 1 teaspoon of coconut milk on a daily basis can fight off infection and reduce the inflamed adenoids. 

  • Colloidal silver

To kill infection and reduce swelling in the adenoids, gargle with 2 teaspoons of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver should only be used by adults. 

  • Liposomal Vitamin C

This fights infection, boosts up the immune system and thereby reduces inflammation. This further allows the body to make use of a higher amount of vitamin C. 

  • Cod Liver Oil

This essential fat in this oil reduces inflammation and infection due to the presence of complex nutrients including selenium. 

  • Garlic

Rich in compounds known as allicin, garlic have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The infection of the adenoids and inflammation is reduced by consuming garlic. 

  • Echinacea

This remedy boosts up the immune system and cleanses the lymphatic system. This can be found in capsule and liquid form. 

  • Xylitol 

For people who have multiple strep throat infections, this natural remedy works very effectively. This kills the bacteria and treats infections in the throat. 


As described above, adenoids treatment without surgery can help in getting relief from symptoms. These remedies may not be the permanent answer for people suffering from swollen adenoids. Under such circumstances,  the best possible treatment option for swollen adenoids is an adenoidectomy, the surgical removal of adenoids. 


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