10 weight gain mistakes

Have you been reading a lot about weight loss? Okay, let us now talk a bit about weight gain because some people never gain weight no matter how much they eat. There is always someone around you who eats everything but still manages to be thin and lean. You need to understand the mistakes you make while you are on your mission to gain weight because gaining weight in a healthy manner is equally important. Because there are risks of being underweight too: 

Our body follows certain dos and don’ts to stay healthy and fit for the long-term. Therefore, simply believing in hearsay without knowing the facts may let you down as ultimately it hampers the path you choose to reach your goals efficiently. 

Here are some common mistakes when you try to gain weight

  • Too much dependency on supplements

While blindly following the advice from fitness freaks, you often tend to become too dependent on artificial supplements. You should try to consume the same amount of protein and calories from the natural sources and eatables rather than relying too much on supplements as they are artificial, harmful to health and also burn a hole in the pockets. 

Weight gain supplements

  • Getting influenced by routines of heavy bodybuilders 

Don’t do this mistake of haphazardly trying to get at par with those heavy bulky champions and bodybuilders. You might be impressed by their routines by reading about the same in some magazines but these bodybuilders have superior genetics than you and they have a high reliance on steroids and drugs.  (Also Read: 7 Best Health Tips to be in Good Shape)

  • Expecting overnight weight gain

“Things take time. Rome was not built in a day”. You need to understand that your body accommodates changes gradually and yields output only if you regularly follow the regime of diet and exercise. So, stop expecting results in a blink of an eye. Be patient and embrace the wonders.

  • Stop skipping meals

Skipping meals is one of the most common mistakes that you tend to make while gaining weight. It causes the metabolism to function weirdly and hence, it may not aid weight gain as you desire. Regardless of your calorie intake, skipping meals will work against your plan. Having a heavy meal at one go and then skipping the rest of the meals can have an adverse effect on your health. You need to trust macros and calories a lot to get what you want. Therefore, follow a diet chart by a certified trainer. (Also Read: 15 Food you thought were healthy but actually aren’t! )

  • Neglecting health

You need to be well enough to enjoy the results of proper weight gain. Otherwise, it might be havoc to restore health at its best state. Try to avoid any kind of deficiencies and eating unhealthy food just to gain weight. Muscle gain is dependent upon the correct proportion of macros in your diet. So get a proper understanding of the same and then only follow anything as per your body’s requirements.  (Also Read: Things Your Grandmother Use to Say About Your Health)

Getting Fat

  • Not paying attention to macros

You have to be very sure about consuming macros (carbs, fats, and proteins). There are ways and apps to calculate the number of macros you need to consume to gain weight. There is a thing called empty calories which if you consume after your workout session would result in nothing. So, get proper knowledge of macros before pouncing on some diet plan blindly. 

Include dates for a healthy weight gain. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, and sugar. Have a banana with a glass of milk as it is an energy booster and also rich in calories in proteins. Also, adding peanut butter to your diet is a good way to gain healthy weight. Therefore, talk to a specialist for the best diet that can help you gain healthy weight. (Also Read: 10 Yummy Fiber Vegetables That You Should Eat Every day )

  • Completely avoiding exercise

You might hear through many sources that you can completely avoid exercises when you plan on gaining weight. This is not true. You just need to change your exercise pattern to aid in your mission. A sedentary lifestyle will not only make you obese but invite a lot of health problems such as high blood pressure, breathing issues, gastric problems or cardiac problems. 

You can power walk instead of running. Use an inclined treadmill. This will help you in gaining muscle mass and building up the lower body area and strength. Take care of your heart by proper exercising under professional guidance.

  • Inadequate sleep

Sleep for at least 7-9 hours daily. Adequate sleep is an integral part of building muscle. You can also take power naps whenever you get time. Sleep will make you happy and will enhance your beauty.

Sleep interference

  • Inconsistency

While perusing any fitness journey, just remember that consistency is the master to win all hurdles. Weight loss or weight gain depends on your lifestyle and everyday habits that need to be properly managed. Drinking a lot of water, eating on time, self-control and consistency is what it takes to nail your goal. You must learn to incorporate useful habits into your current schedule to reach the desired target.

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  • Giving up attitude and brittle will power

Remember peeps, it all starts in mind and discipline is what it takes to do it. Also, you might be disheartened by not achieving results quickly. Especially ladies, you need to hold back and be patient with the results. It will not happen overnight so no need to invite anxiety and stress by overthinking. Mental health should be on top of your priority list.

Take Away

No matter whatever improvisations you need to make to look the way you want, just remember- stay fit and healthy. Don’t overthink or overstress. Consult a healthcare professional whenever you intend to undergo drastic body changes like weight gain or cosmetic changes. A proper diet and weight training schedule are important along with consistency and determination. Build muscle, shed body fat and optimize your health with correct information. And remember, every body type is different and hence the requirements vary. So refrain from imitating others’ success stories by blindly following their routine. 

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