Post-Childbirth Complications

Pregnancy and Childbirth bring many physical and emotional changes in a female. Normal delivery leaves behind no major complications. But in some cases, the female may experience abnormal and excess pain and discomfort in those complications. The experts at Pristyn Care are dedicated to providing the most advanced and convenient solutions to its patients. Some of the most common complications faced by new mothers are listed below.

Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI

urinary leakage

A woman’s vagina stretches out to even more than double its natural size at the time of childbirth. The tissues and muscles of the vagina are elastic in nature. The vagina gets back to its normal size after delivery but childbirth leaves the vagina loose and stretched out. One of the most common and major complications post-childbirth is Stress Urinary Incontinence, also known as Urinary Leakage. This can be very troubling for the female. A woman can get rid of this condition by a pain-free and safe Vaginal Tightening procedure. The laser treatment is medically approved and is not of any harm to the woman’s intimate health, organs, reproductive system or sex drive.


Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks

stretcha marks on female's belly

The stomach, thighs, and hips of the female are full of stretch marks after childbirth. This is a normal condition with no health hazard but can have an impact on the self-confidence of the female. Many women avoid wearing desired clothes as they are ashamed of the visible stretch marks. With the new laser treatment, a female can get rid of stretch marks in a pain-free procedure in just 30 minutes!


Vaginal Discharge

vaginal discharge written on a pad

Vaginal Discharge and light bleeding are common after vaginal delivery. This can continue for up to several weeks after the childbirth. This is a natural and harmless procedure of the body to get rid of extra blood and tissues inside the uterus that was earlier present for the nourishment of the baby during pregnancy. This discharge or bleeding is not generally painful or accompanied by other troubling or painful symptoms. But if you have excessive inconvenience or pain with the discharge or have vaginal irritation or pain, consult your gynecology.

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Constipation or Diarrhea


New moms may have discomfort or pain while passing stool. Generally, this is a side effect of the pain killers taken during delivery. Consult your doctor before trying any over the counter treatments or home remedies. The doctor may recommend you stool softener to get relief. Some females may be troubled with the completely opposite condition of diarrhea. In common conditions, it gets fine after a few weeks but if it increases or blood in stool begins to appear, talk to your gynecologist for proper medication. Make sure to take only prescribed medicine after childbirth, especially if you are breastfeeding.



piles in pregnant female

Hemorrhoids or piles are very common after delivery. This disease can be cured with medication and altering diet and lifestyle in the first stage. But surgical removal is required in the later stages. the females can get relief from piles in a pain free laser treatment in just 30 minutes! Consult your gynecologist in such cases before deciding any treatment option.


Pain and Contractions

pregnant woman having cramps and pain

Contractions and mild pain or discomfort are experienced by many women after vaginal delivery. These contractions feel just like the period cramps. But if the contractions or pain gets out of hand and is unbearable, it may be a sign of any other complication or condition. Waste no time in visiting your gynecologist in such cases.


Sore Breasts and Vagina

sad woman in bed

 A woman’s vagina and breasts are very tender and sensitive. Slight irritation or pain in these parts can be very discomforting for the female. The new mothers can also have slight pain while breastfeeding or vaginal pain during intercourse. But if this pain continues for several days after the delivery or is getting unbearable, ask your gynecologist for a cure.


The new mothers are generally suggested to make their first gynecologist appointment in about 6 weeks after the delivery. The gynecologist will ask for any discomforts or pain you have been experiencing after the childbirth. A physical examination of the vagina, cervix, and uterus is also made to make sure there is no damage and ensure the organs and body is getting back to normal after the childbirth. Gynecologists at Pristyn Care have the best and easiest solutions for all complications with a female’s body. Visit Pristyn Care for the most advanced treatments performed by our experts.

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