Negligence towards recurring ENT illness can lead to a chronic disorder

In today’s world, ENT specialists are leveraging new & better procedures, transforming the surgical space and performing advanced treatments to treat patients of tonsillitis. A lot of people who are suffering from an ENT disorder, such as tonsils, are actually waiting for the condition to get better.

In my professional journey as an ENT specialist, I have performed a lot of minimally-invasive surgeries to help patients, remove benign & malignant growths, swollen tonsils, and throat disorder. The modern leap in the healthcare segment is ahead of its time and results in shorter, practically scarless, painless surgical procedures. The modern treatments avoid incisions for primary site resection, performed through the patient’s mouth, provides unprecedented access to the small and difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth and throat.

Preview of a medical diagnosis!

Here, I am listing out some instances to make you understand well, how to differentiate between benign conditions or symptoms that may turn chronic if ignored.

“I remember a patient, a kid to be more precise, he was 12 and was suffering from chronic tonsillitis. He had the condition for some time and the episodes were recurrent. When the kid walked in the clinic with his mother, he looked at me in a way that only I could understand. I am sure, his parents must have told him and assured him that a doctor can help and capable of taking better care of illnesses. The kid, later on, told me that his biggest fear was an injection.”

“His mother said he gets episodes of fever, sore throat and difficulty in swallowing. I asked about how long he has it, and if the symptoms were seen is past as well.”

“The mother told me that he used to have problems such as sore throat, swelling on the neck but they use to clear-out within a day or two after OTC treatments. This time, the fever is not going away and the kid is not able to swallow anything.”

“After listening to what the mother has to say, I diagnosed the case as chronic tonsillitis, informed them of further complications if they will not adapt to an aggressive form of treatment. I also added that the condition didn’t have to be ignored for so long or after second or third recurrence.”

I was able to treat the kid in time with an advanced procedure. The modern treatment was performed in a daycare setting and the kid went home on the same day he came for surgery. The condition is a really common infection in kids which rarely turn chronic but does impose life-threatening complications if ignored for a long time.

Patient Today!

“I also remember the follow-up appointment of the kid which was only 7 days after the day of surgical treatment, I saw his smile while walking in and this time his mother didn’t have to speak for him. I can very clearly imagine his way of smiling while thanking me for treating him and making him well again”

With this instance, I only wish to share that even the cases of small illnesses can make you sick to a point where recovery may take a huge on you. The condition of ear, nose, and throat, since controlled by the shared nervous system, the ear, nose, throat, head and neck conditions are controlled by common pathway system and may lead to a severe complications that affect more than one sense, and/or develop into an entirely new complication that may also require immediate medical attention. Now, let’s look at the symptoms and risks that the illness imposes on the patients. 

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Symptoms you need to keep watch at!

An infection in the tonsils may become swollen but for a lot of people, the swelling goes down in a few weeks even without proper treatment. However, there are a lot of cases where swelling gets chronic, thereby resulting in other health complications unless treated in time.

  • Pain and soreness of throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Fever with chills
  • Red or swollen tonsils
  • The feeling of being unwell

Why society is incautious towards ENT disorders?

Other then that, there is a mindset in Indian society that almost all illnesses or disorders in ear, nose, and throat can be treated with natural and home remedies. If you are also one of those people, you are not wrong! I, being an ENT surgeon, personally commend the idea of choosing natural & home-based treatments for benign conditions, mild pain in-ear or sore throat. For persistent illness or chronic conditions, a doctor is the best judge of viral or bacterial infection or other underlying disorders.

I have also managed & treated a lot of patients who ignored mild pain, or complications which later on developed or turned severe. Only when the symptoms became chronic, started to notice discharges, inflammation, redness or lumps, they turned to medical aid. There have been cases where patients have ignored life-threatening symptoms just because they were similar to a few benign conditions.

Liberation through education!

To educate and inform patients, I use to share mistakes and cases of other patients who have ignored symptoms or unwillingly left the conditions untreated. In various cases, the condition or illness could only be cured by an advanced treatment, which by the way is quite different and less complicated than traditional operative procedures. Today, medical-surgical space is witnessing a paradigm shift at every step of the way. The Internet, IoT, AI, and robot-assisted surgical procedures are making healthcare a premium experience. Why would a patient not make an appointment if he or she is confident about the doctor, satisfied with the treatment and get to experience a hassle-less specialized treatment?

Having said that, I urge all my readers, make an appointment with an ENT doctor or a specialist when you get sick or feel thrown off your game. It can never hurt and a doctor is always right!

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