The conventional method of treatment for tonsillitis includes pain-killers, anti-inflammatory medicines and antibiotics. The problem with these medicines is that these incur some serious risks and complications. Also, it is not suitable for children. Sometimes the side effects of the medicines outweigh their results. In such circumstances, homeopathy is a more preferred option for several people. Read this blog to know more about the medicines to take for tonsillitis and how effective they are. 

6 Homeopathic Medicines That Can Treat Tonsillitis

After proper diagnosis of the condition, the doctors prescribe the following medicines-

  1. Baryta Carb

    Children prone to catching a cold and therefore, suffering from repeated episodes of tonsillitis are given this medicine. The first visible symptom that occurs is a sore throat. Also, the person sweats profusely and is unable to concentrate properly. It reduces the swelling, inflammation and throat pain instantaneously. The person is unable to breathe properly due to the sudden enlargement of the tonsils.

  2. Calcarea Carb

    Doctors recommend this medicine to obese or overweight people who are suffering from chronic tonsillitis. The immune system of such individuals are weak hence, they are unable to ward off harmful microorganisms from the body. Such people get tired very quickly as well as prone to getting infected easily. Due to minor dip in the temperature or exposure to chilly weather, the tonsils enlarge and inflame. The main cause of tonsillitis is delaying the treatment for common cold or flu. Instead of white spots, there are red patches on the roof of the mouth. People also can get relief from sore tongue, dryness in the throat, feeling of choking, etc.

  3. Hepar Sulphur

    People with the following symptoms are recommended Hepar Sulphur- a feeling of splinter when a person swallows something, production of pus at the back of the throat, pain that extends to the ears, mild to moderate fever and chilliness. In some cases, when tonsillitis gets complicated into quinsy, doctors recommend this medicine. This is considered as one of the most effective homeopathic medicines for treating tonsillitis.

  4. Phytolacca

    Phytolacca is recommended once the tonsils turn dark red or bluish-red. The tonsils swell as well as excessive pain at the root of the tongue. While swallowing food, there is excessive pain as well as burning sensation inside the ears too. In addition to this, the medicine also cures the feeling of narrowness, roughness and heat inside the throat. Also, people complaining about something stuck in their throat can get relief after taking this medicine.

  5. Mercurius Solubis

    This homeopathic medicine is prescribed by the doctor when tonsillitis causes soreness in the throat, especially at night. Also, people who produce saliva in excessive amounts and are unable to eat or drink anything, are also recommended this medicine. Doctors claim that this medicine works by reducing the swelling in the neck and submandibular regions. Mercurius Solubis also curb fever and decrease salivation.

  6. Belladonna

    This is the most commonly prescribed homeopathic medicine that doctors recommend for tonsillitis. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can cure all types of tonsillitis. When the tonsils inflame due to exposure of the throat to the cold air, eating ice cream or chilled drink, then Belladonna can help. Some of the symptoms that Belladonna curb include throat pain, redness and swelling of the tonsils or headache.  

How Does Homeopathy Work Against Tonsillitis? 

Homeopathy is able to treat all three types of tonsillitis. The above-mentioned medicines are able to alleviate symptoms of tonsillitis in the following ways-

  • Provides relief to the condition of tonsillitis as compared to conventional medicines such as antibiotics
  • Reduces dependency on the antibiotics that tend to incur some side effects
  • Reduces the frequency of the episodes of tonsillitis considerably
  • Alleviates the allergic reaction that reduces the individual’s immunity  
  • Ensures minimum side effects and it is very safe to consume
  • Can be given to all age groups- from an infant to an 80-year-old individual
  • It aims at a holistic well being of a person thereby, curing chronic conditions including tonsillitis. The medicines improve the hypersensitivity of a person’s immune system to a healthy one. 

How Long Does It Take For Homeopathy To Treat Tonsillitis?

The duration of the homeopathic treatment for treating tonsillitis depends on the type of tonsillitis the individual is suffering from. For instance, a person with acute tonsillitis is more likely to cure faster than chronic or recurrent tonsillitis. Also, the severity of the condition defines how long will it take for the condition to cure. Generally, individuals suffering from tonsillitis are able to cure completely in six months. 

To What Extent Can Homeopathic Medicine Treat Tonsillitis? 

Homeopathic medicine can treat tonsillitis effectively but not permanently. Once the person recovers from one episode of the condition, they may be again susceptible to another episode. Also, as mentioned above, the whole treatment takes around 6 months to effectively show results. Within this time, the weather can change a couple of times that increase the likelihood of the throat getting infected. In addition to this, there is very little evidence on the side effects of these homeopathic medicines. Moreover, there are no set of warnings that can indicate who should take and avoid using these medicines. 

Are there any Alternative to Homeopathy Treatment for Tonsillitis?

In order to get relief from the symptoms of tonsillitis, there are alternative options one can consider. 

Home Remedies-

The first and foremost being home remedies. Here are some remedies that can be effective-

  • Take a hot shower to moisten the throat linings and provide a soothing effect on the throat.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat cold foods and popsicle sticks that can numb the throat.
  • Drink Herbal teas such as ginger tea, turmeric tea, etc. that can boost the immune system. 
  • Avoid breathing dry air to prevent further irritation of the throat.
  • Drink a mixture of warm water and a tablespoon of honey a couple of times a day.
  • Consume throat lozenges that contain menthol can have a cooling effect on the throat.
  • Instead of crunchy or hard foods, eat soft foods that have a soothing effect on the throat. 


For people looking for a permanent solution from tonsillitis, they should consider removing the tonsils surgically. In this procedure, the ENT doctors take out the tonsils under the influence of anesthesia. In this way, it is ensured that tonsillitis doesn’t occur again. Also, people don’t have to suffer from bad breath or difficulty swallowing food anymore. The results of the tonsillectomy depend on the doctor performing the surgery. 


Homeopathy is one of the treatment options one can consider for getting relief from the symptoms of tonsillitis. However, for long term management of tonsillitis, one should consider tonsillectomy. As mentioned before, tonsillectomy should be performed by experienced surgeons. At Pristyn Care, doctors are specialized in providing tonsillectomy with the most advanced equipment. Book an appointment with our doctors to know more. 

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