Piles in Children Common Causes, Symptoms and Solution

piles in children

Piles or Hemorrhoids is a common term for adults these days. Looking at the long sitting hours, lack of physical activities in schedule and lack of a healthy diet, a large number of adults are prone to piles. Surprisingly, a significant number of cases of Piles in children have come to light.

Common causes for Piles in Kids

What can be the possible reason for the occurrence of piles at such a young age? Piles is not a medical condition that occurs on its own. It is generally a result of mistakes made or poor lifestyle. Below are listed some common reasons that generally cause piles in a child.

  • Sitting on bare, hard surfaces for prolonged periods can hinder the normal blood flow in the veins around the pelvic region, resulting in piles.
  • Lack of much physical activity and sitting for most hours can cause additional pressure on the pelvic veins, increasing the risk of piles in the early age.
  • Lack of a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. Kids these days are more fond of junk food and aerated drinks. A healthy, fibrous diet is essential for kids of normal passing of stool. Low fibrous diet is seen to be a basic reason for piles in adolescents. Intake of less water may also lead to piles.
  • Sitting on toilet seats for extended periods, trying to poop with a lot of effort applied. Such a thing, if developed into a habit, can increase the risk of piles.
  • A child runs a high risk of having piles if one of its genetic parents have had the same condition in the past. In such cases, piles go genetic. Parents, if have had piles should stay cautious as the child has a high risk of piles.
portraying common causes of piles in children

Symptoms of Piles in Kids

Symptoms of piles can be detected easily. The most common symptoms of piles in children include:

  • Itching and soreness around the anal opening and area.
  • In initial stages of piles, ruptured blood vessels in and around the anus are observed. This can lead to rashes and irritated skin in the anus, blood in stool and immense pain while passing the stool.
  • If not treated in time, ruptured vessels can lead to rectal bleeding. This condition can cause severe passage of blood from the anus while passing stool. In extreme cases of piles, blood can anyhow come from the anal opening without a stool.
  • Unable to pass stool with ease. It gets difficult and painful for a child with stools to pass stool.
  • Ulcer-like protruding skin emerging from the anus.

As soon as you observe such symptoms, it is suggested you get professional help to the soonest.

portraying symptoms of piles in kids

A solution of the Story – An Effective Treatment at Pristyn Care

Keeping in mind their young age and tender body, Pristyn Care makes it a priority to provide the best piles treatment for your child. All attention is paid towards the treatment, health condition and mental state of the child. Children cannot endure much pain. We, at Pristyn Care, make sure to provide a painless Laser Treatment to your child and remove all signs and symptoms of piles from his body.

know a permanent solution of piles in children

Piles in any age group should not be ignored and treated immediately. Especially in children, one should not wait for another hour to get professional help to treat piles in a child. Get an appointment at Pristyn Care to get the best and pain-free Laser treatment for your child.

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