Pregnancy 1 Week Symptoms - What will I notice? 

Even before you miss periods after sex, you may suspect (for those trying to get pregnant- hope) that you are pregnant. For some females, early pregnancy symptoms begin in the 1st few weeks after conceiving.

Pregnancy symptoms can vary in frequency, intensity, and duration. (Also Read: Am I Pregnant? Signs of Pregnancy After Sex )

Read ahead to know about the pregnancy of 1 week’s symptoms and baby belly at 1-week pregnancy. 

Pregnancy of 1 Week Symptoms

The following pregnancy of 1-week symptoms is only a guideline. Many early pregnancy symptoms can be similar to routine premenstrual symptoms or discomforts. However, it can also actually be the symptoms that you are 1 week pregnant! Such symptoms may last from 3 to 7 days and include-


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  • Vaginal bleeding


The female’s body sheds the uterine lining, which may be plumped up in case you are pregnant.


  • Lower back pain and cramps


To release that uterine lining, the uterus contracts, which causes the backache and belly or abdomen pain.



  • Bloating


Fluctuating hormones can be the reason for a bloated belly in early pregnancy. But, bloating is also common right before and during the period cycle. (Also Read: Pain Near the Belly Button During Pregnancy. Why? )


  • Mood swings


The ups and downs of the hormone levels can also cause irritability and frequent mood swings. However, some females have mood swings during their period cycle as well. 


  • Headache


Many females complain of menstrual headache migraines, which are often hormone-related. A 1-week pregnant female may also complain about migraines or severe headaches. 


Most doctors count pregnancy starting from the 1st day of the female’s last menstrual period, which makes 1 week or 2 before you even get pregnant. It may sound weird, but it is a more accurate way for doctors to estimate the due date of the baby this way.

So if you think you conceived around 2 weeks ago, you are probably at least 4 weeks pregnant or maybe even 5. 

1 Week Pregnancy Belly

Symptoms of pregnancy

Inside the 1 week belly, the female’s body is releasing the previous month’s uterine lining and begins forming a new one, which will hold the coming month’s fertilized egg.

The first signs of pregnancy will not occur right away. In fact, many females miss their menstrual cycle at week 4 before beginning to feel the symptoms. But some early signs of pregnancy in the 1st weeks after fertilization include breast tenderness or soreness, fatigue, nausea, and the frequent urge to urinate.

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