Pregnancy 2 Week Symptoms- What will I notice


Getting pregnant widely depends on the timing of sex. The female has a high chance of getting pregnant when she is most fertile, which is nearly 2 days before she ovulates and the day of ovulation. For females with a regular 28 day period cycle, the chances of getting pregnant are the highest on day 15 (ovulation day). But, not every female has a regular 28-day period cycle every month. 


Pregnancy 2 Week Symptoms

Symptoms of 2 week pregnancy

It may sound surprising, but you are not yet pregnant during week 2 of pregnancy. When a female is 2 weeks pregnant, she probably won’t even realize that she is pregnant. 

Pregnancy is actually measured based on a 40-week calendar. Day 1 of pregnancy begins on the 1st day of the female’s last menstrual cycle. The female becomes pregnant near the end of week 2 or the beginning of week 3, depending on when her body ovulates. Ovulation marks the body’s most fertile period. 

Some females start noticing early pregnancy symptoms before 4th week.  Pregnancy 2-week symptoms can include- 

  • Spotting- About 5 to 10 days after conceiving, the female may notice little spotting, which is due to implantation of the embryo into the uterine lining.
  • Frequent urination- Pregnancy hormones can cause the female to take more visits to the bathroom, especially in the 1st weeks of pregnancy.
  • Sore breasts and/or darker areolas- Around the time when pregnancy hormones start showing up, the female’s body starts prepping her breasts for breastfeeding. She may notice sore or tender breasts and/or darker areolas. 
  • Fatigue- Exhaustion, and fatigue can be a female’s 1st clue that she is expecting. That is because the body uses a lot of energy to grow and nurture the baby during pregnancy.
  • Morning sickness- most females realize they are pregnant after having morning sickness.  Nausea generally begins to go away around week 4 – week 9.
  • Bloating- As the pregnant female’s body starts to realize that she is pregnant, the body starts to slow down the digestion process in order to deliver more nutrients to the baby. This can cause gas and bloating, which can even make it look like a 2 weeks pregnant belly. (Also Read: Pain Near the Belly Button during Pregnancy. Why? )



bloating in pregnant woman

If a female conceives at 2 weeks pregnant, symptoms won’t appear right away. In fact, she would probably even realize until there are enough pregnancy hormones in her system. The home pregnancy test will also show accurate results around that phase.  

This usually happens around week 4, which is the same time the female would miss her period. Around the same time, the pregnancy hormone levels are high enough to give some noticeable symptoms of pregnancy. 

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