Pregnancy 3 Week Symptoms- What will I notice?

When a female is 3 weeks pregnant, the symptoms may be noticeable yet. That is because most of the early pregnancy symptoms are caused due to pregnancy hormones and she probably would not have a very high level of pregnancy hormones in her body yet. But, some females may reach there early. Some of the pregnancy of 3 weeks signs include- 

  • Implantation bleedingimplantaion bleedingIf the female’s soon to be embryo has already made it to the uterus, the female may see vaginal spotting. It happens because the fertilized egg burrows itself into the lining of the uterus. 
  • NauseanauseaAs the pregnancy hormone (hCG) begins to increase in the female’s body, she may notice queasiness or nausea. Morning sickness does not necessarily just show up in the morning. It can come pretty much any time or all throughout the day. It should really be called all-day sickness since it doesn’t discriminate by the time of day. If nausea occurs at 3 weeks of pregnancy, she may actually be a few weeks ahead in the pregnancy or pregnant with twins. (Also Read: 8 Benefits and Effects of Sex During Pregnancy )
  • Breast changes breast pain
    The pregnant female’s breasts can begin to feel sore and the nipples may darken as the body starts preparing to breastfeed.
  • Missed periodCalendar showing Missed periodIf the cycle is typically shorter than 28 days, the female may realize towards the end of 3rd week that she could be pregnant. The only way to be sure is to take the home pregnancy test or visit a gynecologist. 
  • Positive blood pregnancy test

    Pregnancy Blood Test
    In some cases, as if the female is at a risk of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor may ask her to visit for a blood draw. Blood tests of a pregnant female can detect smaller amounts of hCG (pregnancy hormone) than urine tests can, so the test can identify and may find out about her pregnancy sooner with a blood test than a home test. (Also Read: Smoking and its implications on pregnancy )

Pregnancy 3 Week Baby Belly

Pregnancy 3 Week Symptoms- What will I notice?

The female may start noticing something different about her appearance. But, at pregnancy week 3, the baby belly isn’t really a thing. Though the female may feel a bit bloated, most pregnant females do not start to show a baby bump until around week 12 or even later. So It would take quite a while before the baby belly starts to show.


Before the pregnant woman starts eating for two ( when the baby grows and needs more nutrition), the doctors would recommend her to gain 1-2 kgs in the 1st trimester ( the first 13 weeks). Eat a healthy, well-rounded diet and consult your doctor and take daily prenatal Vitamins with at least 400 mgs of folic acid. Doctors don’t recommend increasing the daily calorie intake until the 2nd trimester. Once the pregnancy hits week 14, the female would want to add about 300 healthy calories a day.

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