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When you have an episode of sinusitis, the sinus pressure is so much it feels as if your face might explode. Three different reasons can contribute to changes in sinus pressure-

  • Change in pressure between the air inside the sinuses and outside the sinuses, for instance when you are flying in an airplane.
  • Irritants enter the sinuses, for instance when allergens or disease-causing microbes enter the sinuses.
  • Deformity inside the nose, for instance, when the septum has deviated or there are nasal polyps.

No matter what is causing the sinus pressure, you want fast relief. Here’s a list of to-do’s recommended by ENT doctors so that you can get relief from the sinus pressure.

7 Home Remedies To Relieve Out Sinus Pressure

7 tips to relieve out sinus pressure

  1. Inhaling steam to relieve out the sinus pressure

    The mucus inside the nose can dry up and clog the sinuses with infection-causing microbes.

    The clogged sinuses can get infected and lead to changes in sinus pressure. You can inhale steam to humidify the dried up mucus and it can be drained out.

    Here are some ways that can drain the sinuses naturally and relive out the pressure-
    -Use a humidifier
    -Avoid cold, dry air
    -Take plenty of hot showers
    -Drink cup of heat tea or soup

  2. A night of good sleep to get relief from sinus pressure

    Allow the body to get a good night’s sleep for 8-9 hours to reduce the sinus pressure and speed up the recovery.

    When you are asleep, the body is able to produce more white blood cells that can fight off the infection.

    Avoid activities or beverages that can over-stimulate just before going off to sleep. Hence, it is essential that you sleep for the whole night to get relief from sinus pressure.

  3. Use hot and cold compresses alternatively to relieve out sinus pressure

    This remedy has helped to relieve out sinus pressure. You can recline with a hot washcloth over the eyes and nose that warms up the nasal passages and loosens out secretions.

    To get better results, you can apply warm and cold compresses alternatively. You can start by placing a hot towel over the sinuses for three minutes and then place a cold compress for 30 seconds.

    Do this alternatively twice and try this for four times a day to get the best results.

  4. Irrigate the sinuses to relieve out the pressure

    The nose acts as a filter for the lungs. It filters the minute particles such as allergens and irritants that can trigger an allergic reaction.

    Irrigating the nasal passages can clean out these particles and help in getting relief from the sinus pressure. There are three ways you can try nasal irrigation-

    Saline irrigation- This irrigation flushes out the unwanted irritants with the help of the saline solution. Saline irrigation helps to breathe easily almost instantaneously.

    Steroid irrigation- In addition to salt, a steroid is mixed with the solution and then is used to rinse the sinuses.

    Xylitol irrigation- For patients suffering from chronic sinusitis, this is the most effective method of irrigating the noses. This uses sugar alcohol which is rich in both antibacterial and antiviral effects.

  5. Avoid triggers that can cause sinus pressure

    Most of the time, it is ignored but there are some particles that can trigger sinus infections. This can aggravate the sinus pressure and make the nasal congestion worse.

    Fortunately, there are some natural ways that can prevent these triggers and thereby, get relief from sinus pressure.

    -Avoid alcohol
    -Clean the humidifier regularly to avoid fungal allergies
    -Wash the bedding in hot water to wash out any allergy exposure
    -Don’t swim, dive or fly when you have sinusitis

  6. Hydrate yourself to relieve out sinus pressure

    Dehydration is one of the major causes of the sinus passages drying out and you feel an increased pressure in the face. Remember to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water daily.

    This will reduce blockages inside the sinuses. Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. Not only water, but you can also drink fluids through other food and beverages such as-
    -Broth soups
    -Ice cubes
    -Water-based vegetables and fruits

  7. Eat spicy foods to relieve out sinus pressure

    Spicy foods are loaded with capsaicin, an active ingredient that is effective in decongesting the sinuses. Many people have reported success in getting relief from sinus pressure after eating spicy foods such as chile peppers or hot mustard.

    Next time you have blocked nose or facial pain around the eyes, help yourself with a bowl of hot and spicy soup.

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Medicines To Relieve Out Sinus Pressure

Medicines to relieve out sinus pressure


Decongestants- nasal sprays or pills- can help you in getting relief from nasal congestion and thereby, cleanses out the sinuses. In comparison to other sinusitis medicine, decongestants are more effective and safer to use.

But remember not to be too dependent on such nasal sprays.


As allergic reactions can also trigger sinus infections, it is important that you avoid such reactions. These also help to get relief from incessant sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal stuffiness. Cetrizine, Clemastine, Allegra, Clarinex, etc are some examples of antihistamines.


Doctors recommend antibiotics when the sinus pressure changes due to bacterial sinusitis. The course varies from one to three weeks. Do not use antibiotics for too long as you can become bacterial resistant.

Some of the common antibiotics that are recommended are-


Can surgery cure sinus infections permanently?

It is true that symptoms along with sinus pressure can cause extreme discomfort. It may sound scary but ‘surgery’ is a more effective way to cure sinus infections. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is a minimally-invasive technique that has long-lasting results.


For people who have repeated episodes of change in sinus pressure, FESS should be the ideal choice for them. Pristyn Care doctors provide FESS surgeries that incur minimal pain and blood loss.

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