Ways to Treat Urethral Stricture at Home

Urethral stricture is a common condition among men but is rare in women. The cause of restricted urine flow is the narrowing of the urethra which can result in pain and discomfort plus difficulty in urinating. The treatment can be done via home and homeopathic remedies. This condition occurs when the urethra, the tube which leads urine from the bladder, becomes tapered. This is the same tube which carries semen in men and therefore urethra is so common in male.

Using the home and homeopathic medicines may help with the recurring urge to urinate, pain and urinary incontinence.

Urethral Stricture Home Remedy

Medical treatments for Urethral Stricture leads to surgery, in which there is no guarantee that it would be successful. Any treatment may result in enhanced discomfort and pain before healing begins. Urethral treatment at home may be effective when used daily.

homeopathy for urethral stricture
  • Drink plenty of fluids, mainly water. It stimulates the urge and frequency of urinating.
  • Taking saw palmetto herb may reduce the symptoms of urethral stricture and also prevent further complications.
  • Dandelion supplements are also used to disperse the substance due to which the blockage of the urethra is caused.
  • Cranberry juice will help in clearing inflammation, restoring the pH balance to normal and also helps in breaking up of any blockage in the urethra.

Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture Treatment

  • Clematis

This is possibly the best treatment available for urethral stricture in the early stages, clematis is taken at the difficulty of urinating for the first time. The patient will feel the need to strain. Another sign that clematis may be the right treatment because of the trouble with emptying the bladder in one sitting. Clematis may also be used in cases of the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea. The urethral stricture may be a complication once the recurring infection clears.

  • Chimaphila and Magnesia Muriatica

Two best homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture which help in the urine difficulty are Magnesia muriatica and Chimaphila. The urine output may call for straining of the bladder muscles.

Chimaphila is commonly used when the flow of urine is infrequent and the sensation of the urine is enhanced. These urges may produce a painful and burning output after excessive straining. Magnesium muriatica is used for straining in which pressure on abdominal muscles is required. Urine output can be pale droplets and the bladder does not completely empty.

  • Cantharis

Cantharis is a homeopathic remedy which is produced from toxic substance cantharidin, which originates from beetle which is known as Spanish fly.

This material targets urinary tract and causes pain. Cantharis is useful for painful urgency to urinate with only a small amount of output. The beginning of the surgery can cause severe pain and also discomfort long before the urination occurs. This may be caused by inflammation of the urethra or the bladder.

  • Thiosinaminum

Thiosinaminum may be a safe, homeopathic cure for urethral strictures which are caused by scarring of tissue. The remedy is created from the oil of the mustard seeds.

The formation of connective tissue over a scar anywhere in the body can affect the output of the urine. Thiosinaminum also dissolves scars by softening the tissue before eliminating the marks.

  • Conium

Conium is another urethral stricture home treatment. The use of conium may be appropriate when urine output is irregular. The emptying of the bladder can be prolonged as its constantly interrupted involuntarily.

  • Natrum Mur

Urethral Stricture which causes frequent urinary urges at night may require Natrum muriaticum as treatment. Urination may be sudden with the incontinence present. Any pain is usually experienced once the bladder is emptied.

The type of urethral stricture may be heightened when the person is in the presence of others while performing a physical activity or during natural body processes like coughing and sneezing.

So, these are the best methods for urethral stricture treatment at home. The benefits of natural home remedies are that there are no side effects by using them.

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  1. In this article, you have pretty well explained about homeopathic medicines. Can you tell me some other ways except homeopathic medicines? Please reply soon.

  2. There are other ways too for example you could go for a surgery or have a urine flow diversion but that should be done in severe cases. There’s a non surgical method too. In that case, the doctor will use a dilator and a small wire will go through your urethra and into the bladder to begin to dilate it then you won’t need to spend the night at the hospital.

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