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Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). This infection spreads through vaginal, oral and anal sex. It is one of the most commonly found sexually transmitted infections that has a tendency of recurring until the root cause is treated. According to doctors, sexually active people mostly get in contact with this STI at some point if they do not take precautions. Also, people who have low immunity power catch this infection easily. 

Human papilloma virus

HPV affects both men and women, but according to facts, women are more prone to genital warts. Genital warts cause more complications in women by increasing the chances of developing cervical and vulvar cancer. The infection can also spread to the baby in case of vaginal delivery of an infected mother. The infected newborn exhibits complications like warts in and around the mouth, on hands, thighs, and legs. Therefore, to keep these complicated situations at bay, get in touch with a specialist doctor whenever you notice the symptoms of genital warts. (Also Read: Rashes In The Vagina? Know its Causes and Proper Treatment )

Let’s take a quick glance at the identifying symptoms of genital warts in the following section

How to identify genital warts?

Common symptoms of genital warts in male:

  • Protuberance or warts appearing on the penis, scrotum, anus, and thighs

Common symptoms of genital warts in female:

  • Warts or protuberance appearing in and around the vagina or even the anus
  • Warts near the lips in case of infection through oral sex

The symptoms common to both the sexes are:

  • Itching and discomfort in the genital area
  • Bleeding during sexual intercourse
  • Swelling around the genitalia and the anal region

The symptoms of genital warts may take many weeks or even months to show. It is necessary to get immediate medical attention as soon as the symptoms appear.  

If you leave HPV untreated, it can lead to the following complications:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Penile cancer
  • Cancer of mouth and throat
  • HPV transferred to the baby during vaginal delivery

cervical cancer

Diagnosis and treatment for genital warts

It is not wise to leave the symptoms of genital warts unattended as there are many risks associated with it. Leaving the condition will only make it worse and painful. Therefore, seek medical help for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

To diagnose the condition, the doctor physically examines the infected genital area and inquires about sexual history. It is only in the rare and severe conditions that the doctor asks for a biopsy. 

diagnosis of genital warts

Even when the outbreaks of warts get cured, the virus still resides in the body. Take all the precautionary steps advised by the doctor along with proper medications to get relief. In some cases, doctors even advise minor surgical treatment to remove warts from the body. There is no harm in undergoing surgical treatment, as medical advances have made it safer and convenient. Laser treatment is the most advanced one to remove genital warts and it offers speedy recovery to the patient. 

Home Remedies for Genital Warts

Home remedies play a crucial role in providing symptomatic relief in genital warts. You can take the help of home remedies when you experience the symptoms of genital warts coming up. 

There is no harm in opting for the following home remedies for genital warts:

  • Tea-tree oil- The anti-microbial properties of this oil can be quite effective. You can first apply the oil on the arm to check for any allergic reactions. Only if you are sure there will be no reaction, apply the tea tree oil by diluting it with coconut oil for soothing results.  tea tree oil for genital warts
  • Apple-cider vinegar– Apply apple cider vinegar with the help of cotton. This vinegar helps in reducing warts and killing the virus in the genital area. Use apple cider vinegar for effective relief from the discomfort and itching.  


  • Consume vitamin B12 and folic acid– A person becomes more prone to human papillomavirus if they have low levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid in the body. You can take B12 and folic acid supplements to enable the body to fight the infection. 


  • Foods to boost resistance to infection– Incorporate foods rich in antioxidants (berries, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc) in your daily diet. Also, have lots of green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains to build a stronger immune system. Avoid eating processed food and quit smoking to prevent the health condition from getting worse. berries to eat for genital warts
  • Garlic– You can either apply the juice from the freshly crushed garlic or buy the extract. Use a drop or two of the garlic extract, mix it with coconut oil and apply on warts. Garlic aids in quickly clearing up warts and shows fast relief. 

garlic as a remedy for a genital warts

These are the most effective and safest home remedies that will surely help you in getting rid of genital warts. All you need to do is, wisely follow these home remedies and discuss everything with the doctor before using it. It is necessary to keep your doctor updated with every step you take so that nothing goes wrong during the treatment. 

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