What to Do About Stretch Marks on Penis Skin?

Most of us are of the opinion that stretch marks are only caused by stretching of skin or lifting heavy weights, etc. most men think they would not have to deal with unless they have a major weight gain or weight loss.

Stretch marks on the penis skin are surely something men do not expect but it may happen, it can happen to anyone! And it can happen for really common reasons. They may appear anywhere on the body, even on the actual penis skin. A fact of relief, they are not serious in a medical sense. So, do not fret much about stretch marks on penis skin.

Although, stretch marks can affect a man’s self-esteem, confidence and may even have an impact on his sexual life. The good news is there are ways to reduce and even get rid of the stretch marks on the penis. There are some ways to prevent it from showing up.  Let’s first get to know about the major causes of stretch 

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How did you get them?

Stretch marks, in general, develop from the skin stretching as the name implies. The skin expands in common situations like pregnancy (which is the most common reason with stretch marks), weight gain or loss, or muscle building.

Stretch marks can occur at any phase in life, at any age from childhood to old age. In fact, most people have stretch marks somewhere at the most unexpected time. They’re just a natural part of life!


Cause of stretch marks on penis

Unless a man is doing some hardcore workout involving his male parts or elevating iron with his penis, he may be questioning as to how his penis could get stretch marks. During an erection, the penis skin stretches to provide the growth to occur. This expansion of the penis can commence with little tears in the dermis. As time goes by and more erections come and go, those little tears add up and turn into long, silvery reminders of erections past.

Another way men can get stretch marks is if their body overproduces cortisol, the stress hormone. If a man remains stressed most of the time, he is more likely to develop stretch marks on penis skin.

Another major factor is the use of corticosteroid medications, like Prednisone and steroids. Such medication increases the chances of appearance of stretch marks on the skin of the penis.

It is suggested to talk to a physician if this condition is speculated. It will help you in bringing balance to the hormones or find alternate medications for relief.

Let’s now gain insight into the solutions for the stretch marks on the penis that can arise due to any of the above-mentioned reasons.


Solution for stretch marks on penis

Let’s admit that stretch marks do make the skin unappealing but they are harmless. Stretch marks do not indicate a deeper or more serious medical problem. They can happen to anyone. Apart from their aesthetic appearance, they are nothing to worry about.

Stretch marks might make the man self-conscious and affect sexual life. One may not feel comfortable in intimate frames with a partner. (Also Read: 16 Skin Problems Affecting The Penis )



There are a few things men can do to get rid of the stretch marks on the penis. The simplest and easiest solution to getting rid of stretch marks is laser stretch marks removal treatment. A qualified doctor can perform CO2 laser therapy to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Laser treatment helps to reduce the appearance of older stretch marks. The fractional CO2 laser uses crystals to “rub off” the top layer of the skin which can fade more distinct on its own. This makes the stretch marks less noticeable.

Laser Treatment

The exact number of sessions of laser treatment can only be confirmed by the doctor after the physical examination. Sometimes multiple sessions are needed for desired results. It should be noted, however, that no treatments can actually fully remove stretch marks.

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Few tips to prevent stretch marks on penis

It is not very hard to prevent stretch marks on penis skin. The only effort you will need to do is to regularly moisturize the skin of the penis. When you regularly moisturize, it hydrates the penis skin on a deeper level. The vitamins and nutrients in such products can promote cell growth and skin elasticity which keeps the skin elastic and supple.

Aloe vera gel is well known for its wonderful effects on the skin. It is known to be effective in reducing the stretch marks on the skin. Thus, you can apply aloe vera gel on the penis to make the stretch marks lighter.

aloe vera for stretch marks

Get into the routine of applying a base of Shea butter and vitamin E to ensure deep moisture of penis skin. Vitamin E not only hydrates the skin but also locks in some moisture for a long time. Bringing this massage routine will keep the penis soft and supple and minimize the chances of getting the stretch marks.


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