Herniorrhaphy is surgery to repair hernia where the weak abdominal wall is made strong to support the abdominal tissues. It is the oldest method of hernia repair. Hernia is a protrusion of the internal organs through the weak abdominal. Herniorrhaphy puts the displaced tissues back to their position. We will discuss herniorrhaphy in this blog.

How is herniorrhaphy different from hernioplasty?

When the hernia defect area to be repaired is large, surgeons may sew a synthetic mesh over it to strengthen the defect. This procedure is known as a hernioplasty. Whereas, herniorrhaphy is repairing the abnormal tissues and bringing healthy tissues together to repair a hernia. Also, herniorrhaphy is tissue repair while hernioplasty is mesh repair.


                                                                                                                                 Hernioplasty- mesh repair

Diagnosis of hernia

Before the doctor performs the surgery, a complete examination is done to confirm the condition and check the severity. It is better if you give all the information related to health history, medication or any previous surgery. Tell the doctor if you smoke or take any other medicines on a regular basis.

The doctor asks you to stand up, lie down or cough to see the bulge. This physical examination is followed by an X-ray and CT scan. Depending on the condition and patient health history, the hernia is repaired by either open surgery (herniorrhaphy) or laparoscopic surgery.

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Why one should prefer hernia laparoscopic surgery for hernia operation?

Herniorrhaphy – tissue repair

Surgery procedure

  • Open Surgery

    The doctor gives you local or general anesthesia depending upon your condition. A large incision is made parallel to the inguinal ligament. The surgeon identifies the hernia defect region and places the protruding organ back to its place. The surgeon stitches the long incision and your hernia is repaired.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery

    The surgeon makes 2-3 small incisions and 
    inflates the abdomen with carbon dioxide which is harmless. The surgeon is able to get a clear view inside the abdomen to see the hernia defect. A thin instrument called a laparoscope, with a camera attached on top of it is inserted into the small incisions along with other surgical instruments. The surgeon repairs and pushes back the hernia further closing the incision using sutures or adhesive glue.

Do You Know?: Why one should prefer hernia laparoscopic surgery for hernia operation?

Recovery from herniorrhaphy

For open surgery, recovery may take time as it involves cuts, wounds and risk of infection. The patient may have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days after open surgery for hernia repair.

Laparoscopic surgery is advantageous over open surgery for the following reasons:

  • No cuts, no wounds, minimally invasive surgery
  • If the hernia is detected on both sides, there is no need to make another incision to treat it in laparoscopic treatment. In open surgery, the doctor makes another incision to repair the other hernia. 
  • Same-day discharge
  • Quick recovery (Also Read: How Long Does Laparoscopic Surgery Recovery Take? )
  • Resume daily activities within 2-3 days
  • Negligible post-surgery complications
  • High success rate

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It is always better to contact your doctor if you notice any problem after herniorrhaphy such as

  • Fever
  • Redness or itching around incision
  • Bleeding through incision
  • Nausea, vomiting or dizziness
  • Irregular bowel movement for more than 2 days

Why herniorrhaphy from Pristyn Care?

Now there may be a question, why herniorrhaphy from Pristyn Care. Remember that laparoscopic hernia treatment at Pristyn care has the following advantages: 

  • Seamless patient care

The medical coordinators at Pristyn Care take care of the patient really well. A patient buddy is assigned to each patient who makes sure that the patient has to do nothing from the time he enters the hospital until the time he leaves for his home.

  • Experience doctors

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who perform laparoscopic treatment for hernia with great precision.

  • USFDA approved treatment

USFDA approved procedure at Pristyn Care ensures quick and assured recovery from a hernia. 

  • Free follow-ups

There are free follow-ups to ensure your recovery.

  • Free pick-up and drop facility

We provide free pick-up and drop cab facility when the patient opts for surgery. 

So what are you thinking? If you are a hernia patient, book your appointment now.

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