Why can't I get wet?

Lack of vaginal lubrication can be due to many reasons. From age to the diet or medications you’re taking, many factors can influence the natural lubrication and laxity of the vagina. 

Low estrogen, menopause, breastfeeding, vaginal infections are among many causes that may be responsible for dryness down there. Here are the common reasons that can answer why you can not get wet? 

Sex, when you’re not wet enough, can cause some really uncomfortable irritation, so much so that you may want to put sex on hold for several days. You need to know what’s going on down there. 

1. Your Medication might be causing the dryness



Certain medications, such as antidepressants may seem like they have nothing to do with the vagina but can cause dryness. Many medicines often have pesky side effects and vaginal dryness is one of them.


2. You are Breastfeeding

woman having baby

Breastfeeding is also a common time when females face trouble with vaginal dryness. It is due to hormones during that time. Vaginal dryness during breastfeeding or after pregnancy generally gets better after some time. But if it does not, it is better to consult a gynecologist.  



3. You are a Smoker 

woman smoking

Smoking can cause blockage in the arteries, which can block the small arteries in the vaginal area and reduce the moisture in your genitals. The main reason females get wet when they are aroused is that when blood vessels in the vaginal area get engorged (during arousal), the increased blood pressure in blood vessels causes serum to discharge across the blood vessels. The mucous membranes of the vagina then lead to more moisture, causing enough lubrication. This is why smokers generally face the problem of vaginal dryness. (Also Read: What does smoking do to a Woman’s Health? )


4. Your Hormones are Wacky 

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Common reasons for a dry vagina is a fall in estrogen levels during menopause, after childbirth, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.  But, certain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and pelvic radiation can also cause a drop in estrogen level and decrease vaginal lubrication. If you have not experienced any of these things lately, your vagina is dry for some other reason. (Also Read: Vaginal Dryness at 40! How to Get Rid of That? )

5. You are nervous

Why can't I get wet?

Your vagina can sense your nervousness. If a female does not feel she is ready for sex, is having anxieties about her body-shape or image or is nervous, there will definitely be low lubrication. Boost your self-confidence and talk to your partner to get over this situation. Using a lubricant can also help you here.  


6. Low libido 

sad couple in bed

At times,  vaginal dryness can be due to a low sex drive or issues with the sexual partner. It is simple, your vagina will not get wet if you do not want to have sex. Also, if your partner is not doing what he should be doing or if things are just not working for you, you will not get wet. Relationship counseling or talking to your partner is the best solution here. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Orgasm Shot can be a rescue for females suffering from this problem. With this treatment, in just 20 minutes, the female can experience heightened sensitivity and orgasms. 


7.  Your soap or intimate wash might be messing with you

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Many women are allergic to chemicals that are found in soaps, detergents, hygiene products, intimate washes, perfumes, etc. Such chemicals can be on your underwear or towel, and can possibly cause dryness or irritation in your vagina. Even some lubes can cause dryness. So, avoid using products loading with chemicals to avoid dryness in your intimates. Also, consider using chemical-free, natural and non-scented intimate washes for better intimate health. What good are chemicals for anyway? 


8.  You are under a lot of Stress

stressed woman

It is really hard for females to get turned on when they are under stress and not focusing on their intimate time. And if you are too distracted or stressed to get turned on, your vagina is not going to get wet either. So take a nap, eat something or binge-watch your favorites before getting started. 


If you are facing trouble getting wet, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some lube to get you through it. But if you are struggling with it regularly, it is time to visit your gynecologist. Drop your number and we will contact you to solve your queries. 

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