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Intrauterine insemination, commonly known as IUI is a fertility treatment. In this process, sperm are directly placed into the uterus of the woman. When a couple naturally tries to conceive, the sperm have to travel from the vagina through the cervix to the uterus. It then goes into the fallopian tubes. When couples have problems with their health, they often fail to conceive through the natural process. In IUI, the sperm are washed and concentrated, and placed directly into the uterus, bringing a better chance for the sperm to come closer to the egg. IUI is believed to increase the chances of pregnancy in couples who fail to conceive naturally.

When is the IUI the best choice?

  • Male infertility - If the male partner is unable to produce an adequate amount of sperm or if the sperm lacks the required motility, then IUI treatment is the best option.

  • Unexplained infertility - Many healthy couples fail to bear a baby due to unexplained reasons. When fertility drugs fail to provide the desired results, IUI treatment can help you achieve the goal.

  • Painful sex - Many women suffer from uterine and ovarian problems which cause painful sex. There could be several other reasons leading to apinful sex. IUI treatment can become a blessing here to help the couple conceive a child.

Who needs IUI treatment?

Patients with the following conditions can achieve best results from IUI treatment:

  • Patients with blockage in the fallopian tubes

  • Abnormalities in the cervical canal

  • PCOS

  • Trouble ovulating

  • Low sperm motility in the male

  • Couples with male or female infertility

  • Advanced stages of endometriosis


IUI fertility treatment is done at a fertility clinic. If you are relying on a sperm donor for the process, the donor sperm will be thawed and prepared. if you are using your partner's sperm, his semen will first be evaluated. The male partner can also use semen from a sterile home collection kit, but should get the semen to the clinic within one hour of collection. It is to be noted that the collected semen is stored in room temperature until it reaches the clinic.

In the clinic, the semen would go through a 'washing' procedure in order to remove all impurities from it, leaving only what is needed to get the female pregnant.

The female would have to lie down on her back, just the way for any cervical/ vaginal exam. The doctor uses a speculum to gently kopen the vagina. The 'washed' semen will then be placed inside the uterus through the catheter. Since the sperm is directly placed inside the uterus, there is no chance of the sperm falling out. However, you’ll remain reclined on the exam table for 10 to 30 minutes following the insemination.

Step by step procedure of IUI treatment:

  • The doctor will evaluate and understand the health of both you and your partner.

  • You will be asked to do some blood tests and ultrasound tests.

  • The doctor will prescribe you some fertility drugs which can increase the number of eggs increasing your chances of conceiving a baby.

  • The doctor will call you to the clinic after a few days to repeat the tests, conveniently after your menstruation.

  • The doctor will examine your ovaries, and if they are releasing adequate numbers of healthy eggs.

  • At the clinic, semen samples will be collected from your partner (or from a donor) and refrigerated.

  • The sperms will be washed to remove unwanted dirt and debris making it easier for them to reach the eggs.

  • >On the day of the treatment, you will be asked to lay down.

  • Using a speculum, the doctor will open your cervix and insert the washed sperms into it using a long sterile tube.

  • You will be asked to lie down for almost 30 minutes. The IUI treatment process ends with this.

  • You can go home and do your regular work after the treatment.

Benefits of IUI:

  • >Most reliable for couples with unexplained infertility.

  • Less expensive compared to other treatments.

  • Minimally invasive and results in no cuts, stitches or blood loss.

Are there any Risks and Complications of IUI treatment?

There are no major risks in IUI treatment.

  • Multiple births

  • No major birth defects are reported till date from anyone who have undergone IUI treatment.

  • The process is less invasive, hence there are no cuts, stitches or chances of the woman catching any infection.

  • However, since the woman is kept on drugs to improve her fertility, IUI treatment might result in multiple births at one time.

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