Vicky Singh:

Got my Wife treated for Piles @ Pristyn Care. They used laser technology. Initially we were not sure how it would pan out given the fears we had about the open surgery. But their doctors put in extra efforts to help us understand the technology and its benefits. We are happy now. The procedure was quiet painless and my Wife had a quick recovery and was able to rejoin work in a couple of days... would highly recommend this if anyone has a similar problem.

Manjoo Monjila

Came all the way from Sikkim for my fissure treatment. Super thank you to the entire team at Pristyn.. took so good care. My surgery was quick and seamless. I cud travel back the next day ...relieved

Famila Yadav

Was suffering from fissures and Piles both, found out about Pristyn. Met them to understand my condition. The doctors at Pristyn examined me and patiently explained my case. now having undergone laser treatment, m fully cured.. super team and super treatment....

Ridhi k

Pristyn is the only place offering Laser treatment for fissures. Very good and professional team. The procedure went very well. Follow questions were answered to my satisfaction as well. Never had any concerns...

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