White Spots on the Throat

White Spots on the Throat

Do you think twice before grabbing an ice bar in the steaming summers? Is it because of your throat? Well! Let’s find out.

Sore throat captures every second person annually, but some people find themselves a bit less fortunate when it comes to the cure. What is the reason?

Why do I have White Spots in the throat?

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White Spots on the throat could have several reasons behind it such as Oral Thrush, Strep Throat or Viral Tonsillitis. A weak immune system and attack by the bacteria, virus or fungi on the throat are all set to give rise to white spots on your throat. Holding back almost 60% of the world population, Tonsillitis is a common ailment with varying degrees of troubles that it causes – white spots being one of them.

Common Causes of white spots near tonsils

Strep Throat – Children are at a greater risk of this condition. It leads to sore throat, swelling of glands in the neck and fever or headache. This bacterial infection often causes white spots on the throat.

Oral Thrush – A weak immune system is an ideal ground for a fungal attack. White spots may also appear on cheeks or tongue. It makes it tough to swallow food while causing pain and loss of taste.

Viral Tonsillitis – Swelling of tonsils, excessive pain while swallowing food, fever, and nasal congestion together validate the spread of viruses in the body.

Stones – Some cracks and crevices at times on the tonsils can have the material get trapped inside them. Mucus gets stuck and time hardens it to calcify leading to white spots.

Time for action!

The spots may be confined to your tonsils only while you may find them throughout your mouth as well. In any case, when they do not seem to go away in a few days, you need to see the doctor. The hands-on treatment till you can reach out the doctor is simple- gargling warm salty water several times during the day.

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Some blood tests to identify the bacteria and virus may be performed. Samples may be collected from the tonsils using cotton swabs. The throat culture helps confirm the type of infection for a proper diagnosis.

Antibiotics – are the most common treatment prescribed by the doctors for white spots due to infection from viruses.

However, situations may get worse due to untimely identification, delaying of treatment or lack of awareness. This at times calls for a surgery which simply removes the tonsils.

What about surgery for tonsils?

Along with recurrent tonsils, if you have enlarged tonsils, then you can opt for Tonsillectomy Surgery. The damaged tonsils are removed using the plasma rays. The surgery might last up till 30 -45 minutes. This involves the total elimination of the infected tonsils.

You may recover from the surgery in a week or ten days. You may experience internal ear pain following the surgery – but do not worry! Your ears are simply safe.

Better Prevention

You can prevent the spread of infection with washing hands properly. You can focus on building a strong immune system. Also, cover nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing. You may find silly but even minor things can prevent bigger harms.

Take good care of the throat and embrace all seasons.

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