The embarrassment caused due to droopy feminine-like breasts is a complaint that several men in India have. Fortunately, with the mushrooming of several body contour clinics in the country, people are able to come out of their difficulty and face the world with confidence. 

At Pristyn Care clinics, we offer gynecomastia surgeries in several metropolitan cities. But, what makes us stand out from the rest is that we offer our patients ‘a seamless surgical experience’. Here are the top 10 benefits that we promise to deliver upon so that you are relieved of gynecomastia once and for all.

  1. Minimally Invasive Technique

    At Pristyn Care clinics, we rely only on the latest technique for treating gynecomastia. We treat our patients with the help of the most advanced liposuction and gland excision techniques. 

    In the procedure, the fat cells are broken down using liposuction. After this, the broken fat is suctioned out with the help of a tube. Then the gland excision technique is used to remove the breast glandular tissues. The incision is also made around the areola to keep the scarring minimal. 

  2. Experienced Surgeon

    All the doctors of Pristyn Care are board-certified from the necessary regulatory authority to perform gynecomastia surgery. Performing liposuction along with a gland excision surgery requires expertise and particular skills. We pride ourselves in housing doctors who are highly qualified as well as highly-experienced in tightening the skin uniformly.

    Moreover, Pristyn care doctors understand the social embarrassment an individual has to face when the breasts become saggy. Hence, they listen to the patient’s needs intently and don’t rush into the treatment. By maintaining a proper rapport with the patients, our doctors have been able to treat gynecomastia permanently.

  3. Free Transportation Services On The Day of Surgery

    To ensure that you don’t have to worry about how to reach the hospital on the day of the surgery, we arrange transportation services for you. A cab waits outside your door, which takes you to the hospital. Similarly, once you are discharged, the cab drops you at your doorstep.

  4. Dedicated Care Coordinator To Help You In Every Step

    Pristyn Care assigns a medical care coordinator for you at the hospital. He/she helps in every step- from admission to discharge- to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience. He or She also makes sure that the room is ready with a proper room kit in place. Furthermore, he arranges food for the person accompanying the patient on the day of the surgery.

  5. Zero Cost EMI

    We only charge what we promise you. Not a single penny extra. We offer each of our patients a tailored hospital experience while keeping in mind their budget. We understand that cost plays an important factor when making a decision for gynecomastia surgery. Hence, all our procedures are guaranteed with zero cost EMI.

  6. 45 min Procedure

    The whole procedure of gynecomastia surgery takes only 45 minutes to complete. It may exceed over an hour if a patient has to undergo a gland excision surgery too. This saves valuable time for all our patients. However, this doesn’t necessarily include the time it takes for the anesthesia to show its effects.

  7. Go Home On The Same Day of Surgery

    Once the procedure is complete, our doctors keep you under observation for a couple of hours. After keeping a watchful eye and ensuring that every parameter is normal, the doctor discharges on the same day of the surgery!

  8. Resume Work Within 2 days

    With the most advanced techniques of liposuction and gland excision surgery, the patient is able to resume their daily activities within two-three days. Doctors believe that wearing a compression garment throughout the day along with following the post-operative instructions judiciously can speed up the recovery process after gynecomastia surgery.

  9. No Recurrence Guaranteed

    Our doctors guarantee that you are not troubled with gynecomastia again. Hence, during the discharge, our experts advise you all the necessary steps you need to take care of during the recovery period.

    We provide a detailed set of instructions along with a diet plan to all our patients once the treatment is complete. Eventually, this ensures that the patient is able to recover fast without minimum risks and complications. Also, the postoperative follow up after the surgery is free of cost.

  10. Precautions for COVID-19 Taken At Each Hospital

    With the onset of the global pandemic, we have uplifted precautionary measures in all our partner hospitals and clinics. Here’s how we are ensuring that you do not come in contact with the infection-

    -Our doctors and staff start the procedure only after wearing protective N95 masks, gloves, and shoe cover.
    -We use disposable bed sheets and couches in all our clinics and partner hospitals. We ensure that these are disposed off after every round of patient visit.
    -Pristyn Care management and doctors commit not to consult, diagnose, or treat any patient at clinics or hospitals where COVID-19 patients have been attended to.
    -We have initiated a provision ‘no-contact’ healthcare service in which we send the discharge summary via email to every patient.
    -Our consultation rooms and the medical equipment are regularly sanitized before and after every appointment.

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