Can piles cause back pain?

There is no scientific evidence of piles causing back pain or any link between piles and back pain. The reason that some of the people have speculated that there is excess draining of blood from other regions or sources during piles. Due to the lack of blood flow in the muscles around, some people complain of back pain. 

The location of piles is another relation between the back pain and piles. Pain during piles may appear near the tailbone, so people often compare this pain with back pain. 

What is back pain?

Pain in the back is divided into three parts – upper back, mid-back and the lower back. Out of all these lower back pain is the most common type of pain. 

Back pain symptoms:

  • Acute pain: back pain that goes within three months.
  • Chronic pain: back pain that does not go even after three months.
  • Type of pain: The pain could be shooting and sharp one for some people and some it could be a dull ache. It differs from people to people.
  • Radiating pain: Often mild to severe back pain radiates to the lower part and finally to the leg area often referred to as sciatica.
  • Strain in muscles: Back pain may result in a stretching or a tearing sensation in some muscles or tissues of the tendon.
  • Limited range of motion: The pain may trigger your movements that restrict your range to move at certain angles.
  • Pain that improves with relaxing or reclining: A sudden pain that would subside whenever you recline your body or go into a relaxing position. ( Also read: Exercises for Piles)

So, now we know the common symptoms that could come out as a result of back pain. Moving on, let’s proceed and see if piles and back pain has some relation or not.

Well, some people believe that the back pain that they are experiencing might be the result of piles they are suffering from. So, let’s see if piles have something to do with back pain or not.

Back pain and piles

Well, science doesn’t back any connection between piles and back pain but there could be certain reasons that can be accounted for a feeble connection between the two.

  • Restricted blood flow:

    Piles develop as swelled up veins and bulge around the anal canal which is also known as back passage. The anal canal lining has a network of small veins or blood vessels within its lining. The possible reason for back pain can be the less blood flow in the lower back region because piles cause these veins to become wider, swollen and to require more blood than usual. The blood that they extract is from the other sources and this is the reason the back might ache as a result of lack of blood flow.

  • Location of piles:

    Another reason that could back the connection of piles with back pain is the location of piles. Piles grow and develop near the tailbone area. Hence, it is confusing to locate the epicenter of piles and back pain that could be actually the lump at the tailbone with swollen veins that are actually causing the pain. So, people often relate the piles located with some straining muscle causing the pain in their back.

Now, let’s have a look at the real reasons for back pain and yes, piles don’t come in that ambit.

  1. Obesity:

    Overweight causes the excess weight to put strain and pressure on the spine which causes back pain. (Also read: Tips for successful weight loss)

  2. Lifting heavy objects:

    Due to this the pressure directly falls upon the lower back which might pull a muscle due to excessive pressure.

  3. Straining activities wrongly done:

    Awkward positions are one of the major causes of muscle strain and back pain which might result in twisting your back and sharp pains. (Also read: Best sitting position for hemorrhoids)

  4. Incorrect sleeping position:

    Certain poor sleeping positions can place unnecessary pressure on the neck, hips and back.

  5. Injuries damaging internal back locations:

    These include intervertebral discs damage, compression of nerve roots, improper movement of spinal joints.

  6. Torn or pulled muscle and/or ligament:

    This can happen when you do any strenuous activity that involves sudden jerks.

  7. Prolonged sitting and bad body posture:

    This might cause a tremendous amount of pressure on the back muscles and spinal discs.

Take Away

So, we have seen that the major causes of back pain don’t include piles as the primary reason. There are several other underlying reasons scientifically that will make you moan in case you have terrible back pain. You can have proper physiotherapy sessions to get rid of the same. The concerned medical professional will prescribe you with certain medications and home exercises for relief and can refer you to a surgeon for surgery too in case of dire need. Also, you can write to us below or make online consultation with our Proctologist to know more about anorectal problems or problems associated with it. 

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