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Pilonidal Sinus is a common discomforting condition, especially more common in men. Pilonidal sinus begins with a small pimple kind of structure that further grows into a big cyst. The cyst usually gets infected because of harmful bacterial growth and also contains dirt, dead cells along with hair follicles.  

An infected pilonidal cyst is really painful and troublesome to deal with. It creates problems even going about the daily routine. In the initial stage, the symptoms of pilonidal sinus may not be much of a  problem or just cause mild discomfort. But pilonidal sinus has a tendency to get severe with time. As the infection of pilonidal sinus becomes severe, the person cannot sit without feeling the pain or even comfortably lie down on their back. Thus, it requires proper and timely treatment. (Also Read: How does a pilonidal sinus start?

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If you think that you can leave pilonidal sinus untreated and it will disappear on its own, then you are wrong. To make you aware, it is not at all wise to leave pilonidal sinus untreated. Doing so will only add up to your miseries and increase the chances of unprecedented complications.

What happens if the pilonidal sinus is left untreated?

Well, not to scare but rather inform you, untreated pilonidal sinus can cause serious health complications. 

Let’s get a detailed insight into the problems that untreated pilonidal sinus can lead to:

Formation of abscess

When an abscess forms due to prolonged pilonidal sinus, it causes intense pain and swelling in the affected area. Purulent discharge along with blood keeps oozing out of the cyst frequently. The discharge from the pilonidal cyst has a strong foul smell. Therefore, the person suffering from a pilonidal cyst has to change clothing many times a day. It also causes embarrassment and may even adversely affect work life as well. 

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Inflammation and swelling of the pilncyst affected area

Inflammation can make the condition of pilonidal sinus worse. It requires immediate treatment to get rid of the stinging pain and soreness due to the inflammation of the pilonidal sinus.

Chances of developing multiple cysts

In the case of chronic inflammation of the pilonidal sinus, the person has a higher risk of developing multiple cysts. Having multiple infected cysts can cause unbearable swelling and pain. The timely treatment of pilonidal sinus is of utmost necessity to keep away from the complication of multiple pilonidal cysts.

Increased risk of cancer

If a person leaves pilonidal sinus untreated or faces the troubles of recurrent pilonidal sinus, he or she is at increased risk of skin cancer. Such type of skin cancer that pilonidal sinus causes are called squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma occurs in rare and severe cases of pilonidal sinus. But, if it occurs, proper treatment of both cancer and the pilonidal sinus is mandatory.

The complication of fistula due to pilonidal sinus

It is yet another rare complication that can arise if the pilonidal sinus is left untreated for a long time. Such a condition in which pilonidal causes fistula is called pilonidal fistula-in-ano. It only occurs when the pilonidal sinus spreads so much that it reaches the anal canal; thus causing fistula. According to a study, pilonidal fistula-in-and is the rarest complication that can happen due to untreated pilonidal sinus.

Now that you are well aware of all the complications that can occur due to untreated pilonidal sinus. If you are suffering from this condition, you should have a more proactive approach to your health. You don’t have to sweat much over the treatment, pilonidal sinus is absolutely curable.    

Treatments for Pilonidal Sinus

There are numerous treatment options available for curing the problem of pilonidal sinus. The treatment options involve homeopathy, allopathy, ayurvedic, and surgical treatments. As pilonidal sinus has a tendency of reappearing, there is a possibility that a few weeks or months after the medication, a pimple may form again. Thus, surgical treatment is the best option to ensure nil chances of recurrence of pilonidal sinus.   

It is understandable that you may get apprehensive when your doctor recommends undergoing pilonidal sinus surgery. Most people fear the pain and complexities involved in the surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus. But here is a sigh of relief for you, the modern laser treatment for pilonidal sinus is an entirely painless procedure. It is minimally invasive and there is zero involvement of cuts and stitches. Only the laser energy is enough to cure the sinus affected area. 

Modern Laser treatment for pilonidal sinus

The advanced laser treatment consumes only 15-20 minutes to complete. It is a daycare procedure that lets the patient return home on the same day as the treatment. Thus, the patient does not have to stay in the hospital for long days. The laser-based treatment also offers speedy and smooth recovery. The patient completely recovers in just 3-5 days and can enjoy an improved quality of life. So, if you are also looking for the best-suited treatment of pilonidal sinus, you can get in touch with us at Pristyn Care.

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