How to care when you are suffering from Pilonidal Sinus

A pilonidal sinus is a painful disease of the natal cleft between the buttocks. It doesn’t always cause symptoms and needs treatment only if it becomes infected. It is often seen in hairy men. While sitting, buttocks get maximum pressure and they may get rubbed against the clothing, due to which hair breaks off and get collected in the natal cleft between the buttocks. They slowly penetrate the skin or enter the opening of the sweat gland causing sinus. Generally, patients get an acute infection with the affected area gets swollen, tender and may drain pus.

Care during Pilonidal Sinus

Most Pilonidal cysts don’t need treatment if they are not infected. Treatment for infected cyst may include:

  • Antibiotic medicines for the infection. Although, they can only give temporary relief and they also cannot stop a cyst from becoming infected again.
  • Hot water soaks to draw out the infection and to give relief in pain and itching.
  • Incision and drainage, if required. The cyst is cut open and infected material is allowed to drain.
  • Surgery is required for the removal of the cyst if the infection is severe and does not respond to medications, or coming back again. A surgeon removes the cyst and the tissue around it.

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Preventing Infection

A pilonidal cyst may easily get infected and to control the infection, we must follow some preventive measures:

  • We should keep the cyst and surrounding skin area clean and dry.
  • Eliminate hair from the area of the cyst frequently.
  • Go for regular dressing, if any secretion is present.
  • Weight loss is recommended in the case of obese individuals.
  • Try to avoid prolonged sitting in one position to reduce weight and pressure on your tailbone area.
  • By avoiding tight-fitting clothing which may rub and cause skin irritation around the affected area.

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