The following is the story of Kartik, one of the patients from Pristyn Care who got completely cashless laser surgery for grade 3 piles.

I am Kartik, and I recently had surgery for piles at Pristyn Care. This problem started a few months ago, in the start, I gave it some days to heal as I thought it’s just some swelling. When it didn’t get better by itself, I saw a general physician for it, and just gave me some ointments and creams. It had no effect on me at all. I changed my diet, my routine, but I didn’t see any results. 

This problem of piles started to affect my lifestyle and job adversely. I was uncomfortable at work because of the pain, and I started passing on invites to social gatherings because of the same reason. I badly wanted to get rid of this problem. I searched for the best hospital for the treatment of piles on Google, and Pristyn Care came up. I read so many positive reviews that I decided to give it a shot. I contacted the hospital and talked to Siddharth there. He explained the procedure of booking appointments and advised that I should meet the doctor once. Through him, I booked an appointment and went to the hospital the very next day. 

I was treated by Dr. Gaurav Prasad. He was very humble and kind and examined me. He told me that I was a Grade 3 piles patient, and told me about the Laser surgery for the same. He explained that the surgery was very quick and totally painless and that I could come for the surgery in three to four days. 

When I went for surgery, I was physically and mentally prepared for it. I was assured that I would feel no pain or discomfort at all. When my surgery was done, I felt absolutely fine, no after-the-pain surgery at all. My patient buddy stayed with me throughout the next two days of recovery. 

The hospital staff was very cooperative and helped me as much as they could. They took care of all the paperwork and made sure the entire process was smooth and simple for me. I went for a follow-up after one week of surgery, and it was confirmed that my problem was gone. Now it has been four weeks since my surgery, and I am absolutely fine. I am extremely happy that I went to Pristyn Care for my treatment and I am thankful to all the staff members for providing me with such good services. 


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