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In the world, where the internet is the most trustworthy source of getting any kind of information about any topic; it often can be misleading and not appropriate for your health and safety. One of the current topics is the vagina detox with herbs. People are going gaga over this new thing. It’s good to adopt the hygiene measures that are suddenly becoming a trend but one must always see both sides of the coin before adopting some self-care measures that are concerned with intricate and genital hygiene. 

Here we will be discussing the pros and cons of vagina detox with herbs.

Firstly, we need to understand- what is vagina detoxing?

This is a new method to take care of your vagina in which you put some herb balls (known as pearls) inside your vagina which claims to help in detoxing the womb and help with menstrual cramps. These pearls are available online at an affordable price and they also claim to treat and correct conditions like endometriosis, thrush and ovarian cysts. These pearls are small balls of perfumed herbs with the quality of controlling some vaginal problems.

How safe is vagina detox with herbs?

As per the ladies who have already tried this detox method, few pros are reported through their personal experiences:


  1. Natural product:
    It claims to be an all-natural product that is made of herbs to ease uncomfortable periods symptoms and cleanse your womb.
  2. Affordable:
    It comes with an affordable price tag and is easily available online. So you don’t have to make a hole in your pocket or go place to place searching for it.
  3. Eases menstrual cramps:
    Some users of these herbal pearls have reported that there was great pain relief when it comes to the menstrual cycle symptoms like period cramps, backache, bloating, etc. 
  4. No smell:
    These herbal balls control the stinking and
    bad odor of the vagina maybe because they are mostly perfumed with some herbs.
  5. No discomfort while using:
    Some users reported that these are quite easy to insert without any hassle.

Now, some say it’s not a good idea to use these herbal pearls. Various health experts do not suggest vagina detox with herbs and warn about the dangers of using it. Following is the danger associated with using this detox method:


  1. Can cause irritation:

    These herbal balls are kept for quite a long time inside the vagina which might result in leaving porous fabric inside the vagina that can house various bacteria and germs for days. Hence, terrible irritation and itching can be a dangerous outcome of using these herbal pearls.

  2. Toxic shock syndrome:

    It is a potentially fatal syndrome that is caused by bacteria. Womb cleansing is not possible without using force. The opening of the womb (cervix) is meant to open only during childbirth or during ovulation. So, the claim about womb cleaning totally fails here. 

  3. Untested claims:

    Such products and herbs used in them are not yet tested for vaginal use. Famous gynecologists say that our vagina or uterus isn’t dysfunctioning or isn’t dirty that it requires such cleansing. Everything is ok with the genitals and internal organs unless there are unbearable cramps, heavy bleeding, really bad odor or frequent hard itching. (Also Read: Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding Disorders )

  4. Can result in bad bacteria growth in vagina:

    Even a tampon needs to be changed after 8 hours as per the medical experts, then how come these balls can be kept in vagina for 3 straight days? Sounds fishy right!! This will increase the likelihood of bad bacteria growth and might result in severe unwanted infections.

  5. Confusing instructions:

    Some users also reported that the instructions that are mentioned on the packets of these detox pearls are quite difficult to decode and implement. So that’s again a major con of such products which might confuse a user before use itself.

  6. Too long string:

    The users of these herbal pearls have reported quite a discomfort with the string that remains outside the vagina after inserting these pearls in vagina. It is quite uncomfortable, irritating and gives a hard tingling sensation near the cervix.

  7. Might disturb the pH balance:

    It is not at all necessary to do any kind of vaginal cleaning artificially because it might disturb the natural pH of the vagina. Keeping the vagina dry, clean and perfume free is the best way to keep the vagina healthy. Such detox measures might increase the risk of burns and infections.


These detox vagina pearls are natural pearls that are claimed to ease many women problems but are not suggested by medical professionals. All women are free to make a conscious and informed decision about using them. But it’s always suggested to go visit a gynecologist in case you feel some unusual signs or symptoms related to vaginal health and wellness as that might be some infection that would require immediate attention and medication. Following trend is cool, but be aware and informed about the safety, pros and cons related to the same when its concerned about the sensitive and fragile body parts.

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