Hernia treatment without surgery

People with an inguinal hernia have to live with a whole world of pain. The bulge and the associated pain can become an obstacle in the daily life of the individual. A majority of people skip the option of surgery for the fear of any mishap that might follow.

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This might sound bizarre but yes, inguinal hernia treatment without surgery is actually possible. Simple lifestyle changes, exercise, and some natural remedies can help in getting relief from the symptoms of a hernia.

Some of the remedies that can skip the hassle and pain of undergoing a hernia repair are discussed below-

  1. Wear hernia belts

    If by accident the hernia gets pushed through the hole in the inguinal canal, so much so that the hernia gets pushed till the scrotum then it becomes irreducible. To treat the inguinal hernia without surgery or prevent the condition from getting worse, wearing a hernia belt might help. The belt, as well as the trusses, prevents the hernia from moving to its original place. They bind the hernia and remain intact in its place. This is a temporary solution to the inguinal hernia, so leaving it untreated is not wise.

  2. While coughing or straining, hold the hernia

    Every time a person with inguinal hernia coughs, sneezes or strains, it puts pressure on the swollen region. To prevent external force on the hernia, one can hold the hernia with hand. Not only it prevents extra force but it also prevents another one from popping on the other side.

  3. Take light walks

    Take light walks
    When a person with an inguinal hernia walks, it strengthens not only the upper but also the lower abdomen and the pelvic floor. Brisk walking for 30 minutes daily can be effective as well as relaxing for people looking for inguinal treatment without surgery.

  4. Avoid foods that cause inflammation

    It is important to avoid food such as gluten or processed foods that can cause inflammation. If a part of the intestine is already being pushed through the inguinal canal, it is important that it is protected from inflammation. Otherwise, the person may feel heartburn, bloated as well as lethargic. Hence, avoid eating spicy foods, caffeinated drinks or anything that disturbs the inner lining of the stomach.

    Some of the food products that can put a strain on the digestive system and the body are- tea, sodas, coffee, certain citrus juices, and fruits.

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  5. Exercises to strengthen the Abdomen

    Exercises to strengthen the Abdomen
    A hernia occurs when there is a weakening of tissue around an organ. Hence, to reduce the swelling and discomfort it becomes imperative to strengthen these muscles. There are certain exercises that can strengthen the groin area where the hernia has occurred.

    Some of the exercises that can strengthen the abdominal muscles are-
    -Inclined leg lifts
    -Inclined cycling exercise
    -Pillow squeezes for strengthening the muscles
    -Mini crunches for the abdominal wall
    -Pool exercises

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  6. Maintain a healthy weight

    It is important that you maintain a healthy weight to ensure a steady supply of oxygenated blood to the body so the hernia doesn’t get displaced from its original position. A healthy weight can be maintained by regularly exercising or practicing yoga. But remember that you don’t indulge in heavy exercises or heavy weightlifting that disturbs the hernia and causes immense pain.

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  7. Apply some ice

    Some of the common symptoms of hernia such as swelling, redness, pain in the abdomen or groin can be soothed out with applying an ice pack. Hence next time you have any of the above symptoms, apply an ice pack directly to the affected area for pain relief, reducing contraction, bloating and inflammation.

  8. Take a fiber-rich diet

    When you are suffering from a hernia, your mantra should be to eat quality food but in a smaller quantity. Try to avoid constipation by changing the diet and including high-fiber foods such as fresh vegetables- carrots, leafy greens, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes or non-citrusy foods such as apples, pears, papaya and melons, whole grains, nuts and seeds such as almonds and chia seeds, yogurt, and lean proteins.

    This is a very effective way to treat hernia without surgery. Moreover, drink plenty of water and fresh juices made with aloe vera, carrot and cabbage to reduce the chances of acid reflux and heartburn.

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  9. Ginger root

    Ginger root
    This is a natural remedy for an inguinal hernia. Ginger root can alleviate the pain in the abdomen and prevent a gastric buildup in the stomach and esophagus thereby, lowering the risk of acid reflux. You can add ginger in tea or boil it in water.

  10. Yoga for Inguinal Hernia

    It is important that you choose the right yoga poses to relieve the abdominal pressure, strengthen the abdominal muscles and close up the inguinal canal. Some of the yoga postures that you can try to treat the inguinal hernia are-

  • Sarvangasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Utthanpadasana
  • Pawanmuktasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Vajrasana

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Pristyn Care Recommends

The above-mentioned tips work on the various factors of the hernia condition- the severity of the problem, location of the hernia as well as the physique of the person. Hence, as these are dependent on certain factors, their effectiveness may vary for each person. Moreover, this might be also possible that while trying these remedies the hernia gets strangulated. This can prove to be fatal. 

A hernia is a critical condition thus, it is recommended that it should be diagnosed as well as treated only by a medical professional. If you are looking for a hernia repair, visit your nearest Pristyn Care clinics today or give us a call on the above number.

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