It is really important to keep your intimate clean especially after having sex. Doing so has numerous health benefits and keeps you away from many unprecedented troubles related to your sexual health. Hygiene mistakes are very likely to happen when we indulge in sexual activities. So, here are all the things that you should keep in mind regarding your intimate hygiene.

  1. Pee, even if you don’t feel the need, try to. 

Outside bacteria can find its way to the urethra, your urinary tube, very easily during sexual intercourse or penetration. This increases the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection.

The best way to prevent any vaginal infection and flush out the harmful intruders is by peeing! Even if you don’t feel the urge to pee after sex, remember it is for your prevention that you must try.

  1. Wash it off after sex

A full shower will do a 100 on the cleanup checklist after sex.

Use mild soap and avoid using overly hot or overly cold water as it may irritate the sensitive intimate areas. Strict No to extra perfumed, feminine washes. Extra perfumed products for intimate wash can actually damage the healthy pH in the vaginal tube. The disturbed pH of the vagina makes it more prone to catching infections or inflammation.

There are a lot of products that you’ll find in pharmacies that are marketed as helping you to “keep fresh”.

3. Scented products for vagina are a bad idea.
avoid vaginal douching

There’s a lot of sexism in the name of vaginal health. We all have heard things like a vagina should smell like flowers or fruit. But there is nothing wrong with the vagina’s natural odor. It is a misconception that your vagina will always smell like fresh flowers.  Using scented products increase the irritation in the genitals and vagina, especially after sexual intercourse. 

  1. Vaginal Douching is a Nah! 

The vagina has the superpower of self-cleaning! You do not need to get to that. Let the vagina do its own job of cleansing. 

Frequent and excessive vaginal douching can actually lead to more infections, instead of eliminating them. Excessive douching can make your condition worse if you are already suffering from vaginal discharge. Because of douching the infection can even spread to other parts of the reproductive system.

  1. Change your clean clothes, especially your underwear
    comfortable underwear

After sex, change your entire clothing, including your intimates are tidy and fresh, wear a set of new clothes. If you plan on staying home after that, ditch your underwear and let your vagina breathe. Otherwise, you can wear comfortable cotton underwear rather than going for a tight synthetic one. This keeps the chances of irritation of vaginal skin away. 

  1. Gargle with Mouthwash

You should not clean just your body, but also your mouth thoroughly, preferably with a mouthwash. 

There are some STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea that can occur in the mouth also.

Brushing alone may not help. Thus, gargling can be really effective in minimizing the chances of infections due to sexual intercourse. 

  1. Wash any Sex toys that you used 

It is perfectly normal to use sex toys or lubricants during intercourse, these too must be washed.

All you need to do is clean them with some soap and warm water and it eliminates most of the germs.  Make sure you clean any toys or any articles that you used during the intercourse. Do not use sex toys without washing them properly, it may lead to irritation in the intimate area.

  1. Do not avoid any changes or discomfort

The body should get back to normal soon after intercourse.

Look for any lesions, sensations or bumps, and keep an eye on them.

If such physical changes or any discomforts get worse even after days of sexual intercourse, consult a gynecologist. 

  1. Get some Medical Tests, if required. 

If you have pain, discomfort in your intimate area, or abnormal discharge, do not hesitate to get an STD test just to be sure. You should ensure that you are safe, or if infected must get the timely treatment.

The diagnostic tests for STD’s are not painful, so no more excuses. You should not keep any doubts. Be more proactive and choose your health over doubts. 

Follow The Above To-Dos after intercourse To: 

  • Avoid the build-up of smegma. Smegma contains dead cells, skin oils, and excess moisture. Thus, keep your intimate area clean. 
  • Keep infections at bay. Maintain proper hygiene habits.
  • Eliminate genital odor. Regularly change the underwear and prefer airy ones.
  • Prevent vaginal thrush. And do not go for self-medication if you suffer from vaginal thrush.


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