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Circumcision All FAQ

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expand iconIs circumcision a good idea?

Circumcision can be a good idea and beneficial for a man suffering from problems such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, recurrent UTIs, etc. Circumcision also comes with other benefits such as better penile hygiene, lower risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in the female partner.

expand iconCan circumcision prevent penile cancer?
expand iconCan circumcision prevent HIV?
expand iconAre there any benefits of circumcision?
expand iconWhat is the cost of laser circumcision in India?

The cost of laser circumcision in India varies from INR 25,000 to INR 35,000 depending on various factors such as the city and hospital, type of anesthesia used, and the surgeon performing the surgery, etc.

expand iconWhat is the cost of ZSR circumcision in India?
expand iconWhat is the minimum cost of circumcision in India?
expand iconHow does a doctor diagnose phimosis?

A physical diagnosis is the first step to check phimosis. The doctor may suggest additional tests such as a urine test to check for infections or take a swab test.

expand iconWhich doctor should I consult for foreskin problems?
expand iconWhat does phimosis look like?
expand iconWhat does paraphimosis look like?
expand iconWhen will I be discharged from the hospital after circumcision surgery?

Circumcision by laser or ZSR is a day care procedure and the patient is typically discharged the same day after the procedure. In some cases, the patient may be advised to stay at the hospital overnight but the hospital stay never exceeds 24hours.

expand iconCan I drive after my circumcision surgery?

You should wait for a week after laser or ZSR circumcision before you start driving.

expand iconCan I take a bath after circumcision surgery?
expand iconAt what age can a male undergo circumcision?

A male of any age, be an infant, a young boy, an adult or an old man can undergo circumcision.

expand iconDo I need to follow up after laser or ZSR circumcision?

Your recovery after laser or ZSR circumcision will go smoothly without complications or side effects. You should still visit the urologist once after complete recovery to make sure everything went well.

expand iconWhen can I have sex after circumcision?

You can have sex after complete recovery after circumcision, which takes about 6 weeks. Make sure to follow up with your urologist once before resuming sexual activities and masturbation.

expand iconIs phimosis treatment covered under insurance?

Yes, phimosis treatment is covered under insuarance at Pristyn Care.

expand iconIs circumcision surgery covered under insurance?
expand iconWhen do you need circumcision?

Circumcision is often suggested for medical reasons as a treatment for conditions such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, lichen sclerosus, recurrent UTIs, etc. Circumcision is often suggested when nonsurgical treatment options fail to provide relief.

expand iconDo I need circumcision surgery to treat phimosis?
expand iconDo I need circumcision surgery for tight foreskin problems?
expand iconIs circumcision painful?

No, circumcision by laser or ZSR is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia. The patient would feel no pain during the procedure.

expand iconHow long does it take to recover from circumcision

Complete recovery after laser or ZSR circumcision may take up to 4 weeks. However, you can resume your office life and regular activities except sex and strenuous workout 2 to 3 days after circumcision.

expand iconDo I need daily dressing after stapler circumcision?
expand iconDo I need to take time off work after circumcision?
expand iconCan I have sex with phimosis?

Sex is likely to be painful and uncomforatable for you if you have phimosis. Doctors advise on avoiding sex with phimosis and getting prompt treatment to prevent further complications.

expand iconIs circumcision by laser or ZSR safe?

Circumcision by laser or ZSR are both safe techniques of cutting the foreskin without causing much damage to the nearby tissue. These modern techniques also allow faster and pain free recovery.

expand iconIs circumcision reversible?
expand iconIs circumcision performed under anesthesia?
expand iconWhat to do if my foreskin tears?
expand iconWhat are the modern types of circumcision techniques?

Modern, less invasive techniques for circumcision include laser circumcision and ZSR circumcision. Being less invasive in nature, laser or ZSR circumcision allows faster and pain free recovery with no downtime from routine life.