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expand iconHow can I book an appointment with Pristyn Care doctors?

To book an appointment with Pristyn Care doctors, you can either call us directly or fill the appointment form. Our representatives will get back to you to schedule an appointment as per your convenience.

expand iconAre Pristyn Care doctors available for online consultation?
expand iconHow much laser fistula surgery cost?

Laser fistula surgery will cost you around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 70,000 depending on various factors, such as, doctor’s consultation fee, severity of the disease, choice of hospital, method of treatment recommended by doctor, hospital related expense, and travel expenses. You can contact Pristyn Care and undergo laser fistula surgery cost-effectively.

expand iconIs there a cream for treatment of anal fistula?

Yes. Nitroglycerin is the cream that can be used for treatment of anal fistula as it improves blood flow and speed up the healing process. It can be directly applied to the anal canal after dilution to get relief from symptoms of fistula.

expand iconWhat should I avoid if I have a fistula?

If you have fistula, you should avoid eating spicy foods, flour, sugar, large and heavy meals, caffeine, or alcohol. Avoiding these foods and making some lifestyle changes will help to prevent fistula from advancing.

expand iconWhen should I visit a doctor for fistula?

Visiting a doctor for fistula is recommended when the symptoms persist even after trying conservative treatment methods. The doctor will diagnose your condition and help to determine what is the cause of fistula and how serious the condition is. After diagnosis, the doctor will recommend the most suitable treatment method for fistula treatment.

expand iconWhich doctor should I consult for anal fistula?
expand iconHow effective laser fistula surgery is?

Laser surgery for treatment of anal fistula is one of the most effective methods. This technique works properly for treatment of both short and long tract and has a higher success rate than open surgery. At Pristyn Care, we have experienced and trained surgeons who can carry out the procedure with minimal risks.

expand iconDoes exercise help with fistula symptoms?

Yes. Exercise can help to regulate your bowel movements and make them less painful. Along with exercise, you must drink plenty of water to prevent constipation. Exercise also improve the blood flow in the anal region that can help the fistula to heal properly once it is cleaned.

expand iconWhen can I walk and do exercise after fistula surgery at Pristyn Care?
expand iconDoes anal fistula and abscess occur together?

Not necessarily. Anal fistula and abscess are related to each other, but they can develop as a standalone disease. Having anal abscess can increase your risk of developing anal fistula. Long standing abscess start infecting the anal canal and the sac grows deeper eventually giving rise to anal fistula. You can contact Pristyn Care to get rid of anal fistula in a painless and non-invasive way.

expand iconIs laser fistula treatment at Pristyn Care covered under health insurance?

Yes. Laser fistula treatment is covered under health insurance at Pristyn Care. You can provide your insurance documents to our medical coordinators and they will verify whether you are eligible to utilize your insurance policy to cover the cost of laser fistula surgery or not.

expand iconWhy does fistula hurt so much?

Anal fistula is an infected channel that irritates the skin around the anal canal and causes itching. It also causes skin maceration, swelling, and redness around the anal region that hurts when you sit, walk, or perform any other activity. Overtime, without treatment, the infection will become more serious and sores will start to form causing severe pain. Hence, you should get proper treatment for anal fistula right away.

expand iconIs laser fistula surgery painful?
expand iconWhat are the care tips after fistula surgery?

After fistula surgery, it is important that you get enough rest and allow your body to heal naturally. You need to follow the care tips below: ||Place a pad or gauze over the fistula so that it can heal properly. ||Take sitz bath after bowel movements to cleanse the anal region. ||Avoid sitting for long hours or exercising in the first week. ||Take stool softeners or laxatives to ensure that you don’t have difficulty in passing stools. ||Eat fiber-rich foods and drink plenty of water. ||You can consult with Pristyn Care doctors regarding the care-tips for smooth recovery.

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expand iconHow will I follow up with Pristyn Care doctors after surgery?
expand iconWhat are the finance options at Pristyn Care for fistula treatment?

With Pristyn Care, you can opt for cashless payment or zero-cost EMI to cover the cost of laser fistula surgery. We understand that many people delay treatment because of financial burdens, hence, we offer them a convenient way to pay for the treatment.

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expand iconWhat is the role of the care-buddy appointed by Pristyn Care?
expand iconWhat services does Pristyn Care offer for fistula treatment?
expand iconHow long will it take to recover from fistula surgery?

Recovery from open surgery for fistula treatment will take more than 2 weeks. But, Pristyn Care performs the advanced laser surgery for treatment of anal fistula from which the patient can fully recover within 2-7days.

expand iconWill I need pain medication after laser fistula surgery?
expand iconHow will I pass stools after fistula surgery?
expand iconWhat are the chances of fistula recurrence after laser surgery?

The chances of recurrence after laser fistula surgery are almost negligible as the technique is highly precise and allow the surgeons to cure the disease permanently.

expand iconDoes anal fistula cause cancer?

Yes. Anal fistula is a risk factor of rectal cancer which means that if a fistula is not treated on time, it can increase your risk of developing rectal cancer. That’s why it is often suggested that you should seek immediate treatment for anal fistula.

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expand iconIs anal fistula life-threatening?
expand iconCan a fissure transform into fistula?
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expand iconCan I have different types of fistula at once?
expand iconIs fistula surgery necessary?

Yes. Anal fistulas are less likely to heal on its own unless the pus, blood, and fecal content stored in the tract is drained properly. Even if the external opening of the fistula heals, there is still a risk that the tract will reopen if it is not cleaned or the infection is still present. That’s why surgery is needed in most cases to treat anal fistula.

expand iconWhat is the success rate of laser fistula surgery at Pristyn Care?