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Hydrocele All FAQ

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expand iconWhich doctor should I consult for hydrocele?

If you have symptoms of hydrocele, you should consult a urologist. After thorough diagnosis, the urologist will recommned the best treatment suitable for you.

expand iconDo I need to follow up after laser hydrocele surgery?

Laser hydrcoele surgery is a minimally invasive, safe and complication-free surgery. Most patients experience no complications or side effects after the procedure. Regular follow up appointnents are not necessary but if you notice abnormal symptoms or side effects following your surgery, you should make an appoitnment with the urologist.

expand iconWhat does hydrocele look like?

Hydrocele may look and feel like a fluid-filled balloon inside the scrotum. You may also have pain on one or both sides of the testicles if you have hydrocele.

expand iconIs laser hydrocele surgery covered under insurance?

Yes, laser hydrocele surgery is covered under most health insurance plans.

expand iconWhat happens if hydrocele is not treated?

An untreated communicating hydrocle can lead to inguinal hernia and other serious complications. One may also have a lot of pain and discomfort due to the large size of the hydrocele.

expand iconIs hydrocele dangerous?

Hydroceles are typically not dangerous but if they enlarge, they may cause pain and swelling, leading to discomfort. Untreated hydrcoele may also lead to inguinal hernia, which is a much more serious health condition. If you have hydrocele, it is not wise to delay surgery as delaying surgery is likely to lead to more complications.

expand iconIs hydeocele life threatening?