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Zincovit Uses

Zincovit tablet is a powerhouse of nutrients and it is generally prescribed to patients with vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Boosts immunity

Ensures the healthy functioning of the heart and nervous system

Prevent cell damage

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How it Works?

Zinncovit features a blend of all the essential vitamins and minerals that are important for your well-being. Here’s how this tablet works:

This medicine contains zinc which helps in strengthening the body's immune system. It also promotes wound healing and plays an important role in cellular function.

It reverses vitamin and mineral deficiency, caused by poor diet, malnutrition, and other causes and promotes your overall well-being.

The vitamins present in this tablet boost immunity and promote good vision, blood formation, nerve function, etc. Additionally, it supports your growth and ensures good bone and organ and bone health.

Minerals support various physiological functions in the body and encourage cell growth and multiplication, hormone and enzyme secretion, blood formation, and healthy functioning of bones and muscles.

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Direction for Use

This medicine should only be taken as advised by the doctor.

Generally, the patients have to take it once a day with a glass of water.

Also, the tablet should not be broken or cut into pieces.

Do not consume it more than prescribed limit to manage pain.

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Zincovit Side Effects

The possibility of side effects is quite low in case of Zincovit. However, some people can experience the following side effects after consuming this medicine:


Stomach upset


Skin rashes


Allergic reactions

Safety Advice for Zincovit

Safety Advice Diabetes

Diabetes or hypertension

If you are a diabetes or hypertension patient, or have kidney or liver problems, convey it to your doctor before consuming this tablet.

Safety Advice Allergy


Avoid taking this medicine if you're allergic to any of its components. Additionally, if you experience any side effects after taking this tablet, stop consuming it and immediately get in touch with your doctor.

Drug interactions

Listed below is the list of medicines that can interact with Zincovit:
  • Immunosuppressants such as Corticosteroids
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Levothyroxine
  • Cyclosporine and tacrolimus
  • Antacids

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