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Pregnancy Management

Planning to conceive a baby!! Then you are at the right place. At Pristyn Care Laser Clinic, Dr. Garima Sawhney is one of the famous Obstetrician in Gurgaon offering complete pregnancy management services to ensure a healthy mother and healthy baby. Becoming a mother is always an awesome feeling in the world through which every woman has to undergo. Pregnancy is the only phase when a woman has to bear the mixed emotions of happiness, anxiety, nervousness, fear, care, and stress. There should be someone with her all the time to support her mentally and emotionally and medically. At Pristyn Care laser Clinic, Dr. Garima Sawhney is one of the best Obstetricians in Gurgaon offering pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy services for the betterment of mother and baby

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Prenatal care Services:-

Women who are planning to have a baby and facing problems must consult with the doctor. Prenatal care services will ensure that the fetus is developing and healthy. These regular checkups will ensure healthy pregnancy with no or less risk. Prenatal Care services will make you learn the few things about the management of pregnancy, tests required, warning signs etc. The patient may have to undergo few things as prescribed by the obstetrician. The devices allow the patients to resolve their queries and doubts raised towards pregnancy health.

Antenatal Care Services:

Once you got the news of becoming a mother, it is the right time to consult the nearest gynae or maternity specialist nearby in Gurgaon. The pregnancy can be confirmed at home with the pregnancy test or consultation can be booked to ensure the pregnancy through professional. Antenatal care services aim to have a healthy childbirth and to have proper diet plan for healthy mother and healthy baby. The services will be after the 10th week of the pregnancy which will include the quality assistance, adequate care, professional consultation, Yoga and physical exercise, stress management, nutritional advice, counselling, Diet etc.

The whole antenatal services are designed in such a way to check for the nutrients quantity, vitamin D deficiency, anemia etc. Timely prophylaxis, blood tests or ultrasounds are organized to make sure the healthy pregnancy. Nutritional specialist and physiotherapist will offer the right guidelines to the mother to avoid high-risk pregnancy. The regular checkups will be done to look at the congenital and gestational problems on the fortnightly and monthly basis. Blood sugar and thyroid functioning are also measured in case of the patients suffering from this disease. They are treated with the collaboration of Endocrinologist.

Pristyn Care Laser Clinic is equipped with the professional Obstetrician, Endocrinologist, Nutritionist, and Physiotherapist. Special Care is given to the mother to handle day to day queries and healthy life.

Pregnancy or Maternity Services:-

Safe Delivery and child safety is our biggest consideration. Dr. Garima Sawhney is an expert obstetrician in Gurgaon at Pristym Care Laser Clinic offering quality obstetric, pregnancy and maternity services through professional approach and dedication. We offer comprehensive and compassionate care to fulfill the demand of healthy mother and healthy child. At Pristyn care, we offer unique maternity services as mentioned as per the condition of the mother:-

  • Caesarean Delivery Services: The surgical process is also called C-Section. In this process, incisions are made in the abdomen and uterus to deliver the baby through the abdomen, instead of the natural source i.e., Vagina. Every woman wants to have a normal delivery but some conditions may lead to having C-section only. The conditions are:-
    • If the mother has already gone to C-Section earlier then there is 50% chance of repeat c-section.
    • If Baby is facing some problem inside the womb
    • If mother condition has become worse due to BP or any other medical complications
    • Labour is not progressing or normal delivery failed
    • Mother is carrying twins or triplet
    • Baby is in an abnormal position
    • There is a problem with the placenta or umbilical cord
    • The pelvis is not adequate for vaginal delivery
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    C-Section will be performed after getting your consent only. At the time of delivery, the doctor will always ask the mother to stay stress-free and comfortable, although it is not practically applicable.

  • Normal Delivery: It is a dream to have normal delivery when it comes to pregnancy and becoming a mother. Healthy normal delivery will always lead to healthy mother and healthy child. The normal delivery is referred to the situation when the mother gives birth to a child through natural process i.e., through the vagina. it is also called vaginal delivery which may be painful at that time. Antenatal services are provided in such a way so as to ensure the healthy mother and healthy baby to avoid any further risk. The right time of normal delivery is pre-decided at the time of analyzing the pregnancy due date, although the patient can be admitted to the hospital once she started experiencing labor pain and cervix dilates progressively. This is the right time to deliver the baby through professional gynae or obstetrician.

  • Painless Delivery: When it comes to pregnancy, few women afraid of bearing labor pain so they always prefer to have a painless delivery. This is one of the innovative techniques to lead for the painless delivery. An anesthesia named Epidural anesthesia is injected around the spinal nerves in the Lower back to induce painless delivery of a child. The anesthesia will numb the area below the point of the injection and it will allow you to deliver the baby when you are awake or conscious. This can be performed by the expert professional only otherwise it may lead to health complications to the mother and child. The other method of painless delivery includes inducing nitrous oxide (ENTONOX) through the mask. Again it is also found in India.

  • High-Risk Pregnancy: High-risk pregnancy is called when women and baby both are in critical condition or having some medical complications. The situation is usually found in the patient suffering from the blood pressure, sugar, weight issues, internal or external bleeding and so on. Being at high risk will put you under more pressure and more stress so better to have a counselling so better to have a special attention during pregnancy. Obstetrician, pediatricians, and anesthetists will make sure to save your best to avoid the high risk during pregnancy.

  • Induction of Labour: There can be various cases when patient or mother is unable to deliver the child even after the due date. so if 10 days spent and mother is not having the labor pain, an artificial labor pain is induced with the help of Prostin gel, Artificial Rupture of the membranes (ARM) or using Hormone Intravenous drip (oxytocin). The guardian and caretaker will be asked before inducing the labor pain. The condition of the baby is also analyzed before going through this process. Because sudden induction may affect the baby health and mother also so due consideration should be taken for the healthy lives of the baby and mother.

Postnatal Care Services:-

The professionals work never end with the delivery of the baby, in fact, utmost care is required of the baby and the mother. Our medical consultant and specialist will offer the guidance about the diets to intake and how to take care of the baby. Pristyn care has the in-house team of Obstetrician , gynecologist, pediatrician, nutritionist, and physiotherapist. The Nutritionist will provide the right diet plan for the mother so that she could be recovered soon and able to breastfeed the child. The physiotherapist will help the mother to walk and stand in a proper way so that future medical complications can be avoided. A paediatrician will evaluate the health of the child and will measure the body weight so that weight can be improved by the time accordingly. The team will help to improve the overall health by reducing stress and complications.

Apart from the mentioned services, Pristyn Care laser Clinic will offer other services to make sure the healthy baby and mother which involves:-

  • Breastfeeding Training or lactation
  • Lamaze
  • Father’s Training

Pristyn care Laser Clinic is one of the best Pregnancy management Clinic in Gurgaon equipped with the team of Gynaecologist and Obstetrician to offer SAFE DELIVERY of the baby while keeping the mother’s health into consideration. Consult us and have the healthy life and healthy child!!

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