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No Cuts.
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No Cuts.
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What is Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is the process by which a gynecologist examines the health and functioning of a woman’s reproductive system. A small device, called a hysteroscope, is inserted through the uterus. It has a light and camera mounted which enables the doctor to view the cervix and the uterus closely. A hysteroscopy may also involve some kind of surgery. During operative hysteroscopy, small instruments are used to correct the condition that is inserted through the hysteroscope.

Need for hysteroscopy

  • Fibroids
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Septum
  • Uterine adhesions


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AUterine adhesions




Abnormal bleeding




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  • AUterine adhesions
  • Septum
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Fibroids

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • Confidential consultation
  • Safe and pain-free procedure

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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For diagnostic purposes, the hysteroscopy can be performed in your doctor’s office with local anesthesia. Small polyps also can be removed through this procedure. But, when the hysteroscopy is done in conjunction with a more in-depth surgical procedure, it is done in a hospital under a local or general anesthesia.


Your doctor will first open the cervix with a device called a speculum. The doctor will then insert the hysteroscope through your vaginal opening and continue inserting it through the cervix and then into your uterus. A liquid or carbon dioxide gas will then be gently passed into your uterus to clear the surface and to help widen it slightly.

The light and camera at the end of the hysteroscope will allow the doctor to see the uterus and fallopian tubes. This allows them to diagnose any issues or to perform any surgical procedures necessary. If the procedure is being done for surgery, the surgical instruments will also be put through the hysteroscope tube to perform the surgery.

The process shouldn’t be painful. However, you may get some cramping during the procedure. Your doctor may give you some sedative to make you relaxed.


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Advanced Technology

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  • Post surgery exercise and Diet plan
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Frequently asked Questions

Is a hysteroscopy surgery painful?

You won’t be able to feel any pain or discomfort as the whole hysteroscopy surgery is done under the influence of anesthesia.


My mother is 53 years old. She’s going for hysteroscopy in Delhi NCR. Does she need to follow any special instructions after the surgery?

Doctors recommend complete rest after a hysteroscopy. Minimum housework and no heavy lifting is also recommended for two weeks. Our doctors provide a set of do’s and don'ts after the laparoscopic surgery.


Are you awake during Hysteroscopy?

A Hysteroscopy can be done either in the hospital or at the doctor’s office. You can be awake or under general anesthesia during the procedure. If you are awake the doctor will give you medicine to feel relaxed.


Is Hysteroscopy surgery considered a big procedure in Delhi?

Hysteroscopy is a one-day procedure that is usually done in a hospital. Usually, the whole patient is discharged after 1-2 hours after the procedure. The patient can easily return to work the next morning. The patient might suffer mild pain and cramping which is normal after the surgery.


What are the after effects of Hysteroscopy?

It depends on person to person. After the procedure, you may feel some cramping or also some slight vaginal bleeding for about one or two days.


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Kush Singh

My wife underwent hysteroscopy surgery in Delhi at Pristyn Care. Our experience with doctor was exemplary. I must say Dr. Garima is the best gynecologist in Delhi. The recovery after the operation was very quick and without complications.


I had multiple fibroids inside the uterus. I was afraid might have to get my uterus removed. But I met this gynecologist at Pristyn and she took away all my fears. She explained how hysteroscopy would remove all the harmful fibroids from the uterus. I booked an appointment for hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon at Pristyn Care clinic and I was relieved the same day after my treatment. I am doing good not and soon going to have a baby. Thanks Pristyn.

Vedika Saha

I took an abnormal bleeding treatment in Delhi and had my polyps removed a few months back. It was a piece of cake. No pain and back to work the next day. Also may depend on the size of the polyp and if there are fibroids. I believe polyps are the easiest to remove. All thanks to Pristyn Care.

Anamika Joshi

I thought abdominal bleeding cure with hysteroscopy would be painful. But I am glad that it was so smooth that my problem is solved now. I feel good and all thanks to Pristyn care.

Gunjan Kaur

I was looking for abnormal bleeding treatment in Delhi. I landed to Pristyn Care and it was the right decision. I was in the hands of one of the best gynecologists in Gurgaon.


I had an appointment at Pristyn Care for an abnormal bleeding treatment in Gurgaon after undergoing an episode of postmenopause bleeding. I was extremely apprehensive and nervous prior to the appointment. But the doctor and staff were reassuring and helpful throughout the procedure. The procedure was quick and completely bearable. I would highly recommend the service.


I was given an appointment for a hysteroscopy surgery in Delhi at Pristyn Care as I had evidence of thickening of the lining of the womb. A polyp was seen and removed during the procedure. It was a completely painless procedure. Thanks to Pristyn Care.


Last year I was experiencing very heavy bleeding every 2 weeks. I had an ultrasound which showed uterine polyps. I was told I needed a hysteroscopy to have a detailed look. I booked an appointment for abdominal bleeding surgical treatment at Pristyn Care and I am absolutely fine now.

Anju Gupta

I had a thickened womb lining in the uterus which could be a sign of cancer. Also, there was an abnormal bleeding. I went for hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon in sector 29, which was very close to my place. I must say I am very satisfied with the treatment. All the symptoms and discomfort is gone. Thanks Pristyn.

Sulekha Mukherjee

I took an abnormal bleeding surgical treatment from Pristyn Care. Highly recommended.


I noticed heavy bleeding so thought should consult a good gynecologist. I was expecting some medicines but the doctor suggested hysteroscopy as part of assessment. The doctor removed fibroids with the instrument called hysteroscope. There were no cuts and the problem was solved. It was a surgery but it just took 20 minutes. Must say they provide the best abnormal bleeding cure.


I had heavy bleeding and was rushed to the nearby clinic and found uterine fibroids. I was on my menstrual period and had very heavy bleeding. I got hysteroscopy treatment in Delhi at the same clinic. The fibroids were removed and after that I had normal bleeding with usual pain. Highly recommended.


I have been suffering from uterine fibroids from almost 4 years and I had myomectomy done but the fibroids kept coming back. Fortunately, I don't have heavy bleeding but I do suffer from pain in the back and legs. I think the fibroids are also affecting my fertility. After taking hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon at Pristyn Care, all my problems are sorted. Thanks to you guys.


I went to a gynecologist for my abnormal bleeding treatment in Delhi. I got the best treatment. No problem so far. Thanks Pristyn.

Anju Gupta

I had bleeding and pain after intercourse most of the times. I was scared and was afraid to get treated. My husband suggested to get the problem diagnosed. Looking at my condition, the doctor suggested a hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon at Pristyn Care. They made my life happier again. Highly recommended.

Manali Jain

I went to see a doctor following a scan that showed excessive thickening of the womb lining and ongoing bleeding. I booked an appointment for hysteroscopy surgery in Delhi. It was a painless procedure and I am glad I got the correct treatment at the right time. Thanks Pristyn.


Got abnormal bleeding surgical treatment at Pristyn Care. They are the best.


A pelvic ultrasound revealed a thick endometrium that was not smooth and had a couple of polyps. I had a hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon. No polyps now and the lining looks healthy.


I am a mother of two and was diagnosed with cervical polyps. I had a hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon for removal of cervical polyps and get the uterus checked for polyps. I am happy and satisfied with the treatment. Great service.


I have a heavy bleeding and pain during periods. I took an abnormal bleeding treatment in Gurgaon at Pristyn Care and I am very happy with their service and care. Highly recommended.


I had a hysteroscopy surgery in Delhi and it was painless. I was more nervous for nothing. I simply know that I feel good now. Thanks doctor.


My mother had periods after menopause, she was very nervous. I took her to a gynecologist. She suggested to get her diagnosed and said that it was due to thickening of the lining inside the vagina. She had to undergo hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon for her treatment. She is doing good now. Thanks to Pristyn Care.


I had infertility problem so I was looking for one of the best gynecologists in Gurgaon. She heard me completely and I went for hysteroscopy surgery in Gurgaon at the clinic itself. The procedure was painless and happy to say that soon I am going to be a mother now. Thanks a lot Pristyn Care.


I have been noticing periods between my periods from last couple of months. I was looking online for an abnormal bleeding cure but nothing helped. This problem was hindering my daily life. I took an abnormal bleeding treatment in Gurgaon which sorted my life. I can be tension free again. Pristyn Care highly recommended.


Best hysteroscopy surgery in Delhi. No pain and no more worries. Thanks Pristyn.

Pristyn Care in Delhi NCR provides hysteroscopy with the utmost care

Women suffer from a lot of health issues such as endometriosis, fibroid, abnormal vaginal bleeding, etc. These diseases require some kind of surgery as treatment. In some cases, either the uterus is removed. But in Delhi NCR, women are not comfortable enough to come out from their households and share their women-related health issues. They continue to suffer from immense pain during their period days. Pristyn Care’s personalized coordinator understands this discomfort and takes great care while speaking to the patients. We provide the latest hysteroscopy in Delhi NCR which ensures minimum scarring and faster recovery. So don’t wait anymore and contact a Pristyn Care coordinator now!

Pristyn Care is a healthcare provider, par excellence, fast establishing itself as a global industry model in the healthcare ecosystem. Our clinics are equipped with the latest technologies, and modern amenities, it has sophisticated medical diagnostic equipment and therapeutic technologies. Our doctors at Pristyn Care have over ten years of experience in laparoscopic surgeries. Coordinators are available 24/7 to answer all your health-related concerns and grievances. Post-treatment our doctors provide specific instructions and proper diet charts for a steady recovery.

Most-advanced hysteroscopy surgery in Delhi NCR

A hysteroscopy is recommended by a doctor when a patient is suffering from endometriosis, ovarian cysts, abnormal bleeding, etc. There are super-specialty hospitals that provide hysterectomies but these are always fully occupied. Some of the gynecologists don’t spare some time to talk to their patients after the surgery. Pristyn Care prides in providing 24x7 care to all their patients both before and after the surgery. Our doctors are not only highly experienced but also always ready to answer any query the patient might have. Get in touch with your nearest Pristyn Care clinic to know more!

Women in Delhi NCR are apprehensive of discussing their problems. Women suffer from complications such as heavy vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain which may be caused by endometriosis, unsuccessfully treated pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), adenomyosis or fibroid. At our advanced, world-class medical centers you can consult with our medical experts to know more about hysteroscopy treatment in Delhi NCR.

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