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Sclerotherapy for Varicose and Spider Veins Treatment

Varicose and spider veins can severely impact your lifestyle and make it hard to perform day-to-day activities. Consult expert vascular doctors near you for advanced noninvasive treatments like sclerotherapy for complete long-term relief.

Varicose and spider veins can severely impact your lifestyle and make it hard to perform day-to-day activities. Consult expert vascular doctors near you for ... Read More

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What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure to treat malformations in the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. The procedure involves injecting a special solution directly in the affected veins. This sclerotherapy solution causes the veins to scar and close, which reroutes the blood flow through healthier veins. Eventually the closed and collapsed veins fade away as they are reabsorbed into the local tissue.

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Pristyn Care - Best Healthcare Centre for Sclerotherapy Treatment

Pristyn Care is one of the best and largest surgery care providers in India. It has tie-ups with some of the best vascular hospitals all over India to help provide advanced Laser treatment for varicose veins to all its patients at affordable prices. Additionally, Pristyn Care has a team of expert vascular surgeons who perform advanced varicose veins treatments like sclerotherapy, vein ligation and stripping, RFA ablation, etc., without any complications or hearing loss for the patient.

Pristyn Care also provides other auxiliary services to the patient, such as complete insurance and hospital documentation support, easy payment plans like no-cost EMI, etc. It also provides cab facility to the patient for pick up and drop off from the hospital on the day of surgery and complimentary meals during hospitalization.

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When is sclerotherapy performed?

Sclerotherapy is generally performed for mild cases of varicose and spider veins. Since the treatment doesn’t require any incisions, it is the most cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of limbs for recovery. The patient should seek sclerotherapy treatment if they are suffering from symptoms in the affected area such as:

Why Choose Pristyn Care?

BenefitOthersPristyn Care
Blood LossMaximumMinimal
Scars & StitchesYesMinimal
Follow Up ConsultationNoYes
Hospital DurationLongShort
No Cost EMINoYes

How to prepare for sclerotherapy treatment?

Before the treatment, the patient should undergo a thorough physical examination and diagnostic evaluation, including medical history, allergies, regular medications, previous treatments, etc. During the physical exam, the doctor will evaluate the involved veins and check for underlying blood vessel disease. 

Medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium or blood thinners, etc., can lead to complications during or after the treatment so make sure you discuss their dosage with your doctor. Don’t shave or apply any lotion on your legs before the procedure. Wear loose and comfortable clothing to the hospital for your appointment.

Are you going through any of these symptoms

What happens during sclerotherapy treatment?

Sclerotherapy is generally performed for mild cases and thus doesn’t require anesthesia. During the procedure, the patient is laid on their back and the operating area is cleansed with alcohol after which the sclerotherapy solution is inserted. The solution irritates the vein lining, causing it to shut and block the flow of blood.

After some time, the veins turn into scar tissue and disappear. In case of larger veins, foam solution may be needed. Some people may have stinging pain or cramps after the solution is inserted. Once the procedure is done, the operated area is covered with compression pads to aid recovery.

What to expect after sclerotherapy?

Most patients can walk around soon after the procedure. Walking around and moving is important as it prevents the formation of blood clots. Patients are advised to wear compression stockings or tight bandages for at least two weeks to improve recovery. 

Patients can resume their normal activities on the same day, but they should be a little more careful and avoid strenuous activities for at least a couple of weeks. Avoid exposure to sun as that can cause development of dark spots and lines in the inflamed area.

Most patients recover completely within 3-6 weeks, however larger veins may require around 3-4 months to completely recover. Normally, the veins that have undergone treatment do not come back, but new varicose veins can develop if the patient doesn’t take care. If the patient needs multiple sclerotherapy sessions, then they generally need to wait at least six weeks between two sessions.

What are the risks associated with sclerotherapy treatment?

Sclerotherpay is generally safe, however, in some cases, it can lead to temporary complications such as bruising, raised red areas, skin sores, darkened skin (as lines or spots), multiple tiny red blood vessels, etc. Normally, these side effects can abate within a couple of days to a few weeks. However, in rare cases, the patient can suffer from long-term complications like:

FAQs around Sclerotherapy

How long do the effects of sclerotherapy last?

The effects of sclerotherapy can be both temporary and permanent, as permanently gets rid of the existing varicose veins, but does not help prevent development of varicose veins in the future if the patient does not take proper care of themselves in the future.

Should I apply heat to the affected leg after sclerotherapy?

No, heat can cause vasodilation – expansion of blood vessels – which will negatively impact the post-treatment effects of sclerotherapy. The patient should avoid heat packs, sitz/hot baths, hot showers, etc., for at least one week after the treatment.

What are the benefits of sclerotherapy over laser treatments?

Sclerotherapy is performed only for minor cases of varicose veins, where the condition is mild or in veins located close to the surface of the skin. Thus, it does not involve any cuts or incisions and provides an overall more aesthetic result afterward.

Will the varicose veins get better immediately after the treatment?

No, in most cases, the appearance of varicose veins will get worse for a couple of days after the procedure before they start resolving.

How soon after the treatment can I start walking?

Walking encourages blood flow through the veins and patients are encouraged to start walking immediately after the surgery in small bouts of 10-15 minutes, with support, if needed.