10 Remedies to take care of Tonsillitis at Home

Most of the time the patient knows that he or she has tonsillitis. Tonsillitis usually occurs in young children but can easily occur in children. In most cases, all tonsils problems can be treated at home using medicines and lifestyle management.

The most common symptoms of tonsillitis are:

  • white or yellow-colored flecks at the back of the throat
  • bad, foul breath
  • sore throat 
  • trouble while swallowing
  • swollen or enlarged tonsils
  • pain in the ear 

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10 Effective Home Remedies to Remove Tonsil Swelling

Tonsillitis can be treated at home itself with the use of safe home remedies. But, this can only work for acute tonsillitis.  It is mostly caused due to bacterial or viral infections. So, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory remedies can work the best for treating tonsillitis at home.

Some of the most effective and safe home remedies are mentioned below: 

Gargle with Salt Water

Gargle with Salt Water

Gargling with salt water helps dry and clear out the throat, which enables the body to fight against the infection. It also helps prevent the infection from spreading. 

How to do it ?-  Take a tablespoon of salt and stir it in one glass of warm water. Gargle with it few times each day. Do not drink, make sure to spit out the salty water after you are finished. After a few days, you will get some relief from symptoms of tonsillitis

Ice Cubes for Tonsillitis

Ice Cube Compress

Ice cubes can help get relief from the tonsillitis pain. This home-remedy soothes the inflammation in the throat and has the advantage of being easily accessible. 

How to do it ?- Take a clean cloth and wrap a few ice cubes in it. Put the ice pack against your tonsils for 15 minutes. Remember to breathe through your nose. Repeat the procedure after a few hours till needed.



Onions are capable of much more than adding a distinctive taste and flavor to food. Onions are good for tonsillitis as they serve the purpose of enhancing the body’s ability to fight infections. 

How to do it ?-  Add a few teaspoons of onion juice to one cup of warm water and gargle with the mixture for a few times every day. The onions may give you bad breath, but will for sure give relief to the painful tonsils.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product with properties that can help cure infections. A small amount of apple cider vinegar daily to boost their immune systems. This remedy can even prevent the recurrence of tonsillitis, but to cure it, gargling is more effective.

How to do it ?- Add a half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to some warm water. Gargle with the same and then spit it out. Repeat the same procedure for a couple of times each day and the swelling will go down and you will no longer feel pain or discomfort in your throat.



Basil is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, which makes it a natural yet effective remedy for tonsillitis. 

How to do it ?- Mix a dozen of basil leaves in a cup of water and add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Instead of gargling, this time, use this as a normal drink a couple of times a day and repeat the same for some days to get relief.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Ginger has a spicy scent with a refreshing taste. At the same time, it also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to do it ?-  Mix a tablespoon of ginger root juice with a tablespoon of honey and a couple of tablespoons of warm water to make a liquid for gargling. Gargle the mixture several times a day for relief from tonsillitis.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are useful to get relief from tonsillitis, pneumonia and several other infections. These seeds need to be mixed in warm water to prepare for a gargle. Gargle several times a day for relief from the inflammation.

How to do it ?- Boil about one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water, and let it cool to room temperature and then use it for gargling. Repeat for several days, and let the antibacterial powers of seeds work their magic.

Fresh Figs

Fresh Figs

Apart from being healthy and tasty fruit figs also known for its pain relief properties. 

How to do it ?- Boil some figs and mash them into a paste when they are soft. Let the paste cool and later apply it over the infected tonsils. It can help reduce the swelling and eliminate the pain. 

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Out of all tonsil remedies, ice cream might perhaps be your favorite. After a tonsillectomy, doctors suggest the patients to eat ice cream to ease the pain and reduce discomfort. The cold ice-cream comes to contact with the inflamed tonsils and minimizes the swelling and relieves pain.

Warm tea with raw Honey

Warm tea with raw Honey

Warm beverages like tea can help to reduce discomfort due to tonsillitis. Raw honey has strong antibacterial properties and when it is added to hot beverages, it can help to treat the infections causing tonsillitis and give relief.

How to do it ?- Add one tablespoon of honey to your warm tea and stir properly to dissolve it. Let it sit still for a while and drink when it is warm. Do not drink when the tea is very hot. It will help to reduce inflammation and discomfort.

5 Lifestyle Changes to Treat Tonsillitis At Home

  1. Drink Lots of Warm Liquids

    The most common problem that patients suffering from tonsillitis complain is a sore throat. To get relief from this, drink warm liquids continuously such as soups, broths, and teas. 

    Help yourself with a cup of warm herbal tea and make sure it is not piping hot. If it is too hot, it can burn the tongue. 

  2. Avoid Crunchy Foods

    Eating hard or sharp foods can cause more problems and even hurt the throat. It causes irritation and even causes inflammation. Here is a list of foods to avoid-
    -Raw carrots 

  3. Eat Lots Of Cold Foods

    Consuming cold, soft foods such as sucking on popsicles, drinking smoothies, sipping ice-cold water can provide temporary relief from the soreness in the throat. there are other options also such as candies or chewing gums that provides a cooling and numbing sensation. 

  4. Take Enough Throat Lozenges

    Throat lozenges are effective in providing relief from sore throat. These contain anesthestic medicines that can numb the throat and eventually soothe out the pain. These also contain anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling as well as inflammation. 

  5. Get Enough Rest

    It is important to let the body rest if someone is suffering from tonsillitis. As tonsillitis is contagious in nature, avoid going to work or sending your children to school. Moreover, taking proper rest also boosts up immunity of the body. 


For people suffering from recurrent episodes of tonsillitis, these home remedies may not work effectively. In such conditions, the only way to treat the condition is undergoing tonsil removal surgery

Consult an ENT specialist of Pristyn Care before trying any alternative home remedies. The doctor may suggest you certain types of remedies and suggest the patient avoid some, after diagnosing the condition.

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How to get rid of tonsillitis in 24 hours?

With the abovementioned home remedies, you can get relief from tonsillitis in 24 hours. However, with a tonsillectomy, you can get rid of the problem permanently within 2 hours.

What not to eat when suffering from tonsillitis?

When you are suffering from tonsillitis, it is best that you avoid citrus fruits such as oranges and grape. The reason being that these can further aggravate the inflammation.

Can tonsillitis be cured only with home remedies?

No, you can only get relief from symptoms when you try home remedies for tonsillitis. A permanent cure for tonsillitis involves its removal totally.

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