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Feeling a need to clear your throat again and again? Getting irritated by the constant pain and itchiness in your throat? You most probably have a sore throat which is very common and at the same time very discomforting. It is also very troublesome to swallow anything while having a burning throat. 

You yourself can find out if you are having a sore throat or not by merely looking at the mirror with your mouth wide open. If you find your throat to be extra red and if it hurts (scientific term- laryngitis) then you are having a sore throat. Nothing to worry about, as stated above, its common to get a sore throat every now and then, especially on the onset of winters. (Also Read: Possible Causes And Treatments For Sore Throat At Night)

Possible Causes of Burning Throat

You might have a sore throat from inflammation or irritation. The most common cause is a viral or bacterial infection. Some people might also have sore throats if they are allergic to certain elements in the atmosphere. The general causes are-

  • Strep throat and other bacterial infections

Wondering what is strep throat? It is a sore throat that is caused by a type of bacteria called streptococcus bacterial Strep throat, generally, affects 40% of the children. 

  • Colds and flu: 

Viruses cause about 90% of the cases of sore throat. Some of the viral infections which follow or precede sore throat are chickenpox, measles, common cold, influenza, mumps. 

  • Dry air: 

Sore throats are also caused when the air runs dry and there is no moisture in your throat, which causes dryness and irritation in your throat, but it only happens for a few hours and could not last for days

  • Allergy conditions: 

Nowadays many people are allergic to certain substances be it pollen, dust or grass. Their immune system quickly regards these components as intruders and releases chemicals that cause watery eyes, sneezing and also sore throats. (Quick Read: How Are Allergies and Common Cold Different?)

  • Smoke and other pollutants: 

Many pollutants present today can also cause sore throat including cigarette smoke, chimney emissions, vehicle emissions, etc. It’s a proven fact, as many firefighters report of suffering from sore throats which have to be a result of the intake of poisonous pollutants during the job. (Also Read: Air Pollution in India: Taking your Breath Away)

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease(GERD): 

Don’t get terrified by the name! Every one of us has experienced this once in a while. It is a condition in which stomach acid goes back into the esophagus which is the path of food from the mouth to stomach. It then causes irritation in the throat but it happens for a short time and you go back to normal again. (Also Read: Something Stuck in my Throat Remedy)


It is strongly advised that if you get sore throat you should consult a doctor as the doctor would properly diagnose it and will be able to tell you if it is a viral infection or a bacterial infection. Viral infection can go away by itself but bacterial infection needs a proper course of medicines to be cured.

If it is not treated then the sore throat can also be followed by fever. Also, failing to take the medication through the proper course can result in fever. Consult an ENT specialist because chronic throat complications may require surgery. 

Some home remedies for burning throat

  • Drinking liquids: 

Drink liquids that are neither too warm nor too cool. It will help you to moisten your throat and keep you hydrated. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can dehydrate you.

  • Avoiding fast food:  

Eating fast food which is both oily and spicy can aggravate this problem. Extra spicy and oily food can increase irritation in your throat. Instead of these, you can try comforting foods which include warm broths nice and hot soups and warm water with honey.

  • Gargle with salt water: 

This one is the most effective remedies and it can give you instant relief from sore throat and cough if there is any. Add A Pinch of salt to nice warm water and gargle for about 8 to 9 times and feel instant relief. (Also Read: 10 Natural Remedies for Sore Throat)

  • Avoid irritants: 

Keep your home free from cigarette smoke and if you can’t avoid going to places that have dust, smoke, and other irritants then cover your nasal passage with a cotton cloth, this way you will decrease the chances of worsening the problem.

  • Rest

Give  your body, as well as your throat complete rest as sometimes sore throat, is also caused by overstraining  the voice box

Above all, remedies can surely give you comfort from a sore throat but it would only be a temporary relief. To take out the bacterial infection by its roots you have to follow a proper course of medication. Only then you will be able to eradicate the bacterial infection and your allergies. Consult an ENT specialist for the right treatment and avoid self-medication. 

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