Do’s Don’ts 
Keep the outer ear clean Use cotton swabs
Practice good ear hygiene Use sharp objects such as safety pins
Use products recommended only recommended by a doctor Ignore ear problems
Try home remedies Use hydrogen peroxide
Visit a professional Vacuum the ear 

Do’s of ear cleaning

  • Keep the outer ear clean

According to Pristyn Care E.N.T doctors, ears are organs that can self-clean. The ear contains earwax which is lubricating, protecting, and antibacterial properties. This can collect in the outer parts of the ear. You can clean it with a washcloth or tissue while you take a bath. This prevents earwax buildup near the eardrum.

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cleaning the ear

  • Practice good ear hygiene

It is important to keep the ears clean. But it is equally important to protect the ears to decrease the chances of hearing loss. Try the following tips to protect the ears- 

  • Wear protective gear or earplugs to protect the ear from loud noises.
  • Avoid going to very loud noises.
  • Don’t put very small objects inside the ear.
  • Make sure you take periodic takes while using headphones. Follow the 60/60 rule. Keep the volume at 60 for not more than 60 minutes.
  • To prevent infections such as swimmer’s ear, tap the ears dry with a towel after a shower. 
  • Look out for problems such as hearing loss, maintaining balance, ringing in the ears, etc. 
  • Use products recommended only recommended by a doctor

When there is an overproduction of earwax, there can be a buildup that can cause discomfort or hearing loss. But it is better to use products such as ear drops only after proper consultation with the E.N.T doctor.

  • Try home remedies

There are certain home remedies that you can try when there earwax buildup-

  1. Soften the wax with baby oil or glycerin. Make sure to lie down with the affected ear on the upper side so that the drops can just sink in.
  2. A warm water rinse helps. Use a rubber-bulb syringe and fill it with water and squirt the water into the canal. Tilt your head on the other side to run out the water.
  3. Pat the ear dry. Make sure after cleaning the clear to dry it with a towel or blow-dryer.

 Disclaimer- Make sure you discuss these with the E.N.T doctor before trying them at home.

  • Visit a professional

Signs such as ringing in the ear or earache are an indication of some underlying cause. Without delaying the treatment in the hope that it will get better, visit an E.N.T doctor. Although these are typical signs of serious conditions, these are indications of serious conditions such as eardrum rupture or infection.

Dont’s of ear cleaning 

  • Use cotton swabs

no ear buds

You read that right. Don’t use cotton swabs as this can cause injury to the inner ear. Many of us use this incorrectly to clean the ears. We just insert the swabs inside the canal with the aim to clean it. This is absolutely not the correct way. What happens is that it can irritate the ear canal and push the earwax further inside the ear which can give rise to other problems. 

  • Use sharp objects such as safety pins

Similar to cotton swabs, cleaning the ear with sharp objects such as hairpin or pen to remove the earwax. This is absolutely the wrong way to clear the ear. In an attempt to clean the ear, you might eventually tear a hole or bruise the eardrum. This can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. 

  • Ignore ear problems

When it comes to getting treatment for ear problems, delaying the treatment it should not be delayed. It is important to look out for the following symptoms pertaining to the ear-

  1. Feeling of dizziness
  2. Nauseated or vomiting
  3. Problems maintaining balance
  4. Difficulty in listening 
  5. Pain inside the ear
  6. Feeling fullness in the ear

It is time to visit the clinic if you have any one of the above-mentioned symptoms. 

  • Use hydrogen peroxide or ear candles

There is a popular belief that hydrogen peroxide can help in cleaning the ear by thinning out the ear wax. It is true that it can clean the wax but there can be side-effects also. Doctors don’t recommend hydrogen peroxide as well as ear canal as the side effects outweigh the benefits. When excessive hydrogen peroxide is there inside the ear, it can lead to inflammation and earaches. 

  • Vacuum the ear 

Sometimes ear vacuum is used to suck out the earwax but putting this instrument can damage the ear. This may look like a safe option but inserting these inside the canal can damage the eardrum or middle ear. 

Final words

These simple tips can keep your ears clean and healthy. Make sure that you don’t overclean them. It is better to let the ear clean themselves naturally to keep everything in check and promote proper hearing. If you are worried that there is some other problem other than excessive earwax, get in touch with our E.N.T doctor today.

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