Is it possible to get rid of Piles with Allopathic Tablets?

Often, we get utterly confused as to what treatment we should opt to get rid of piles. Here in this blog, we will be reading about some allopathic tablets for piles that could effectively reduce pain and can curb symptoms soon. 

What is allopathy?

Allopathy is the branch of modern science that helps you in treating or suppressing the symptoms and eventually eliminating the ill effects of the disease. Allopathy uses radiation, medication, surgeries or some therapies and procedures to get rid of the symptoms. The other common names of allopathic medicines are Western medicines, conventional medicines or mainstream medicines.

Can piles be treated with allopathic medicines?

Well, the following medicines are commonly prescribed by doctors to cure piles. If you start taking these medicines as soon as the symptoms show up, you will not reach Grade 4 piles. Usually, at the initial stages of piles, patients fail to realize the symptoms (especially internal hemorrhoids). But you may prevent the need for surgery by following the proper course of allopathic medicines for piles with the prescribed dosage.

  • Daflon 500

This is one of the most commonly recommended medicines for piles. It should not be consumed for more than 21 days as per the dosage units prescribed by your doctor. These medicines have flavonoids, diosmin, antioxidant properties that help in increased blood flow in the veins, and control inflammation of anorectal veins. This will ease up the symptoms and relieve you from pain effectively and soon. You should consume it with water and should not choose other ways like crushing or breaking the tablet. 

  • Liquid paraffin:

This is a great stool softener to ease up the bowel movements that will prevent you from straining and sitting for long on toilet seats. This is the generic name and is available in liquid. This should be taken by mouth in the quantity of 20 ml before going to bed. This provides temporary relief to piles and the pain caused by it.

  • Lignocaine- hydrocortisone cream: 

The composition of this piles medicinal cream helps in curing several symptoms of piles including pain, itching, swelling and discomfort. The lignocaine present in this ointment helps in numbing the anal area, thus relieving from pain. It is an anesthetic agent. The hydrocortisone helps in relief from redness, swelling and itching. Doctors recommend to use it twice a day after bowel movements. The use of this ointment and when to stop using the same has to be done as per the doctor’s guidance.

How to use: You can use this gel by inserting the tube nob inside your anus and releasing some gel and also rubbing the gel outside the anus around 15 minutes before every bowel movement. 

  • Lactulose: 

You can always rely on this if you cannot get liquid paraffin. This treats chronic constipation. Just like liquid paraffin, you need to take it in the quantity of 20ml before sleeping. You must follow the doctor’s guidance when it comes to usage and dosage. Also, lactulose is sweet and hence is not recommended for diabetic people. Once you treat the problem of constipation, half of the treatment of piles is already done.

  • Doxycycline tablets:

This drug basically helps in fighting the bacterial infection due to piles which if left unattended will make the problem more severe and will cause infection. Nausea and vomiting can be the common side-effects of this medicine. This antibiotic is taken with food. The doctor will prescribe the consumption of this medicine for at most two weeks in case of severely infected piles.

Restrictions while using any of this medicine for piles

Abstain from alcohol, caffeine, tobacco or smoking. Also, women producing milk or feeding their babies should not take this medicine.

The bottom line

So, here are some medicines that allopathy suggests for piles. The doctor can also advise laser surgery if the condition of piles is really bad and needs immediate eradication. The surgery is almost painless and offers negligible chances of infection and recurrence of piles. 

The allopathic medicines suggested here should be taken with proper knowledge and study as they can react with other medicines which could severely affect your health and can affect the other medicines’ working too. Some commonly experienced side-effects of these allopathic medicines of piles are diarrhea, dry mouth, headache, dizziness and nausea. So do not panic in case you feel any of these and consult your doctor regarding the same.

You can also consult our online doctors if you have any queries.

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